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 David Wilkerson

Folks, here is all I have to say. I have listened to various ministers featured on this website, and been blessed many times over.

I found out about David Wilkerson's "prophecy," as some have called it, on, an "alternative news" website.

I consider myself to be a strong mature Christian, and hold ministerial credentials. I have also been accused by some as walking in fear, or of fear mongering by just attempting to have open honest discussion about current events!

I am honestly afraid of how many people want to walk around in complete denial of some of the tings going on in our world, in these very last days.

David Wilkerson's life and ministry should speak for themselves. He has been a great encouragement to me, and should be considered a role model for many. He is now pastoring a church in NYC, having come out of "retirement" where he could be relaxing in Texas because he felt God called him to get back into the ministry and move to New York.

He is one of the truly few who have a genuine pastor's heart.

And by the way, who set you up to be the perfect "judge" of prophecy? What if you died first, and then the "prophecy" you judged came true after you were gone? What is 20 years in relation to eternity? If David said something in 1980, and it comes true in 2009, is it false because some idiot never saw it come to pass by the time he died in 2008?

I have been inside and outside of the "Pentecostal/Charismatic, signs and wonders, everybody-is-a-prophet-or-apostle" movement, or give it any other name you want to give it. Bottom line for me is that God is still moving in this day and age via the Holy Spirit, and He ain't dead, and neither are His gifts. Start cutting out verses, and pretty soon you have nearly the whole NT cut up and pasted up. I would recommend you don't go there.

I have a few strong words for those who want to "judge" every other man's prophecies! First of all, how do you "judge?" I believe the strongest emphatic statement for all should be this: Do not quench the Spirit! (1Th 5:19) Beyond that, we are to seek the best gifts, and it is considered better in a group to prophecy than speak in tongues. Prophecy in that passage does not mean "standing up and expounding on the written Word of God, but rather giving forth an anointed rhema word as prompted by the Holy Spirit.

When people are encouraged to seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to seek the gift of prophecy, and are encouraged to speak forth by the unction of the Holy Spirit, then the hearers are supposed to "judge," or test by this method only: They are to listen to their own spirits and test by the Spirit of Christ that dwells within each one of them. Then they are to collectively hold to that which is good, or hold to what each of them believes is truly from the Holy Spirit, and not from another source, whether human spirit or some demonic spirit.

I understand those who want to use the Bible (the agreed upon canon) as some sort of "test." But this is not anywhere commanded in the Bible, and it could not possibly have been what NT believers were practicing in that time--they didn't even have the canon, or the completed Bible to test with! All they had was the Holy Spirit dwelling inside each believer.

So we are supposed to expect prophecy coming from Holy Spirit anointed believers. We are supposed to seek the gift, and use the gift, and encourage the gift. We are supposed to test the gift, and hold to that which is good. We are supposed to understand that each one of us only knows in part and can only prophecy in part.

David Wilkerson said he "unburdened his soul" by sharing something with the public that he felt deeply was about to happen. I spend alot of time researching and studying current events from "alternative news" sources, and not just MSM (mainstream media) sources that are owned by the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations). I am trying to connect all the dots, in a very rapidly changing and dynamic news environment.

I have been saying the same things as David Wilkerson, only to a much smaller audience. I share his fears. I believe that everything he says is absolutely true and will happen, I just can't give you a date.

Bottom line . . .

David Wilkerson has been unfairly and unjustly accused and abused by ignorant people posing as mature and fully developed Christians on this website, and I believe some humble apologies are in order!

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