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 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

Dear Brother,

I am praying for you as I write. I also must confess that I am fighting temptation in my thought life, and it is a real battle! It has made me realize that I need to stay fettered to Christ, if not tucked in His bosom. Remember and believe: the Word of God is true; it is our hope and power as we trust in Christ. God's grace is sufficient! Believe it! His power is perfected in our weakness. Have you utterly forsaken your sin? (James 1:13-16) This we must do, and tell ourselves that we have indeed done this.

Wayneman gave some powerful scripture to consider. Are you keeping your eyes on Jesus? Also, I agree with Wayneman, Romans 6-8 is a great suggestion for study.

I listened to Paris Reidhead's sermon on Temptation and Sin just this week. I think it is number 7 in the series "So Great a Salvation". This message should help you understand what you are up against in this time of testing. It was of great help to me, and I should listen to it again.

Paris Reidhead reminds us that when we are saved, we bring with us our appetites (which, as given to us by God, are neutral/good--but Satan uses his wiles and our weakness to pervert them). We also bring old habits; these must be utterly forsaken--nailed to the Cross of Christ; you must replace them with godly/Christ-honoring habits and practices.

Please, please, take the time to listen to this message on sin and temptation, and take notes! Also, get on your face and ask God to open your heart to hear the message.

Two definitions from the sermon:

Temptation: a proposition or idea presented to the mind to gratify a good appetite in a bad/forbidden way.

Sin: the decision of the will/heart to gratify a good appetite in a bad/forbidden way.

He also gives the five effects of unconfessed/unforsaken sin, and they are not desirous!

Keep trusting Christ. Put off the old man and put on the new man. Stay in the Word. I exhort and encourage you to slay the lust and have victory in Jesus Christ.

We are all facing temptation at every turn; sin is crouching at the door, and its desire is to have us, but through Christ, we can overcome temptation--and He will provide a way of escape--ask God to show you the way out. 1Cor10:13; 2Tim2:21-22; Jude 24

Stay strong in the Lord. Let us pray for one another.

(Edited for clarification and out of obedience to the leading of the Spirit: that I confess my own weakness and struggles with this brother)

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 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

Hi Bible4life

I have found in my experience as a Christian, that often times sexual problems amongst men, or anger or even the spending of a lot of money(this may be more typical of a woman who is addicted to shopping) is indicitive of hidden pain. Hidden pain is undealt with pain which tends, invariably, to come from our childhood, not always though. And pain must be medicated. Unless dealt with, there is a process of decay. I have included a story from my own life here, it may or may not help.........Frank

 2009/3/13 23:39

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 Re: Great Message

The message from Brother Frank (Appolus) in the preceding post is very, very good. I think it deserves a greater exposure. If you haven't read it, I recommend doing so.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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Paris reidhead ministries actually sent me every single cd and book they have months down. I love his material but i guess i still haven't taken to heart enough, I will look at this material that you recommended and also appolus.

John Beechy

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today i had a real hard time at work with the sexual lust problem. I work for dish network now and i am going into peoples houses and satan is tempting big time. One thing i have noticed from what someone said earlier that in our flesh we can't do nothing , unless the holy spirit comes and gives us power on high we will continue to fall, i will pray that the lord comes and rescues me

John Beechy

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Bro, you are not alone.. None of us is above this trap.
Remember the armor of God?
........"to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy"
When you move closer to God the enemy also moves to stop you.
Fasting helps to crucify the flesh. Any of us could get out of control. But thats not going to happen to you.
Look at the dichotomy of lust. To lust is to desire to use that person to satisfy my own appetite for that persons body. The opposite would be to walk in love. If I walk in love I desire God's best for that young lady. So to desire to "procreate" with her would not get her any closer to God,rather just the opposite."Love covers a multitude of sin"
You have to be "shopping" to "buy"

specifically ask the Holy Spirit to make a way of escape. (like Joseph) And remember,God gave you a neck so you you can look away from the pretty ones. LOL

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Hi bible4life;

I do not know your real name, sorry.

I just posted [ A Savior from sin} by Andrew Murray in articles and sermons, it really explains how to allow the Holy Spirit to help us. It is a good encouraging word, that has the power of God in it for our deliverance. It encouraged me greatly. Jesus has already delivered you, you just don't know it yet. Praying that God shows you how much he really loves you. His LOVE sets us free.


Tom weighill

 2009/3/16 1:54Profile


Hi Bible4life

This is gonna sound hard, but the Lord is not going to come and rescue you, why? He already has. If we look at David on the balcony looking at Bethsheba, we see the anatomy of sin. First he looks, then he keeps looking and then he takes more steps until he sleeps with her. Its about decisions. If you sin, it wont be Jesus' fault because He did not come and "rescue ," you, it will be totally you. What He has already done, for Christians, is to empower them to be able to resist. How has He done that? He has commanded that we draw near to Him. We draw near to our Shepard , especially when the wolves are circling. If you are a constant "straggler," then you must find out why..............Frank

ps being tempted is not a sin, but if you take the next step then you have moved into sin.

 2009/3/16 10:09

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 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

Here is an outstanding article to you may find to be of help in this matter...

[url=]Resting is the Required Obedience[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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praying for you both.
love you guys, very much!

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