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Locport, Illinois

 brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

This past week i have been trying with all my might to quit doing the same old sins that have been defeating for years like sexual lust and the spending of money and anger problems and i started to get severely attacked by satan today like i did 2 years ago. I have this terrible feeling of terror within myself and i am so scared, i remember when i had prayed for me to be delivered from this last time i ndid not get my prayers answered for a long time. I want the lord to come to me but everytime i come to him i seem to get attacked ten times worse and then he never meets me, please i beg you please pray for me and my soul, i am so scared.

John Beechy

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 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

brother, it seems as though i might be going through somthing very similar to you. Except it is with my thought life and various other things. I guess we just have to keep seeking God and praying about it like that one women in the bible that kept bothering the judge until the judge gave her justice so it might be sort of a similar thing, maybe God is using this as some sort of discipline, i might be wrong but i hope it is God disciplining me but i dont know. I'm sorry brother i just wanted to say that i am sort of going through the same thing, so i am sorry if i made a mess of things or made it worse, i might be totally wrong so i am sorry. Thanks much.

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 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

Praying that the Lord will bring you through this crisis of temptation to a sunburst of victory and deliverance from sin. You remind me of Peter when he walked on water but then took his eyes off the Lord and looked around at the wind and the waves and began to sink. Stay fixated on Jesus through His Word. When He was tempted in the wilderness He hit the devil with Scripture. "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee." Ps. 119:11 My favorite verse when tempted is Mat 28:18 "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." That includes power to free his children from the dominion of sin. See Romans 6-8

Wayne Kraus

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North Central Florida

 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

i have been trying with all my might to quit doing the same old sins

As long as you keep trying to stop, you will always fail. We can do nothing and until we realize we are powerless over sin (even the littlest ones) and must lean completely upon Jesus for the very air we breath, we will keep failing.

You see, if you were able on your own power to stop sinning, you would have reason to boast. All glory belongs to our Lord.

Humble yourself before Him, beg his forgiveness for your prideful way and pray for His Holy Spirit to come into your heart and take an axe to the root of your sin. When you pray, pray believing you will receive. (Matthew 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.)

Begin reading the Bible daily. Pray before you read that God will guide you in His truth. Do not rush through, go slowly and think about what you are reading. Seek other believers you can fellowship with. Avoid old friends that lead back into old sinful habits. It is a day-to-day thing, this growing in Christ - You can be changed if you give yourself to Jesus. He wants to help you. You can know that because of the fear you have and where you came to seek help.

I will pray for you,
white stone


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Bangalore, India

 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

Mic 7:8 Rejoice not against me, my enemy; for if I fall, I shall arise; for if I sit in darkness, Jehovah shall be a light to me.

God has come to save sinners. Jesus friend of sinners is the glorious hope of the gospel. We who are failures, He has come to free. SO take courage my dear brother. I have seen His salvatition in my own miserable failed life. Not that I do not fall, but there are areas where I was slave to, where He has liberated me. For this He came, for this HE died, to forgive AND save us from our sin AND make us like HIM.
I have called on HIS name and I will be saved.

Lord I have failed in these areas so many times, and every time I failed, You by Your grace and mercy, brought me back and I confessed and repented of my sins and told You that I will never fall in this area. But again I fail Lord. I am really sorry, and I want to repent, but I have no more confidence in my empty words, I think I am just saying the right words and then again at the very next moment I will again go back to the vomit.
But Lord You have said that sin shall not have dominion over me. Lord I do not know how, but I am going to stand on Your word. (Jude 24), You are able to keep me from falling. So Lord Jesus keep me.
I am not going to make long term plans, as You have said, living one day at a time, today keep me from falling in these areas. And tomorrow again when i get up, my prayer will be the same. One day at a time. Till You have established me in Your path.
Lord, I will not doubt Your love for me. You loved and died for me when I was a sinner and hated You, how much more You want to help me, now that my heart is turned to You.
I will not be scared of the devil because YOU have defeated him. He who is in me is greater than who is in the world.
Even if I slip up, I know Your blood will cleanse me. I will repent whole heartedly and get up and my cry would be WHERE ELSE WILL I GO. I will be quick to return to You. but I will not think of that, with man impossible, with God all things possible, I will stand on Your word that says that You are able to keep me from falling.
Thank You for cleansing me and puting me back on Your promise that will come to pass.

May this be your prayer from the heart and just as you did not learn to sin, same way the Life of Jesus will be manifested in your life.
Just be faithful, beleive in your heart, confess with your mouth, one day at a time. He will keep you.

sharing a link, I hope will bless you
[url=]Faith That Overcomes - Zac Poonen[/url]

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Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

The devil is a liar, stop looking at your sin, look unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. If you have confessed your faults to God, He is faithful and has forgiven you, and has delivered you, Satan is the condemner, not Christ, the Holy Spirit convinces us of our righteousness found in the blood of Jesus.
Look at what Jesus has done, not what you are doing, and satan will flee. God loveed us while we were still in our sins, not after we make ourselves holy, which is just filthy rags.

Love in CHRIST tom

Tom weighill

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Taking authority over the thought life can't be done until you have something else to focus your mind on and the Only place to look is the cleansing by the washing of The WORD.
It is true that you can't get rid of sin by focusing on it - but only by replacing the thoughts by taking them captive to the obedience of Christ by taking in The WORD of GOD.
The WORD of GOD is "Living" and is working even if you don't "feel" it and "faith" comes by hearing The WORD of GOD.

You may be able to find a good on-line Bible Institute. There are some free ones out there and there is the on-line Audio Bible Site to keep hearing the WORD as much as you can and there are free Bible Programs to download for Studies and CDs to play in your CD players, etc. etc..

It's endless - as far as resources.
GOD KNOWS your hearts and knows you want to be free - you don't have to keep begging HIM -- YOU need to take action by changing how you think for how HE thinks and it's all by staying in HIS WORD.

GOD Bless you both - We'll be praying you'll get taking every thought captive to HIS WORD part going. Don't wait - OK?

 2009/3/13 2:17

 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

There's a lot of good advice here. I'm praying for you Brother.

The fact that you are asking for prayer shows your heart's willingness for victory. God is faithful, He will not despise a broken and contrite heart. Go to Psalms and read of David's personal struggle and victory in the Lord.

 2009/3/13 8:52

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 Re: brothers and sisters i need serious prayer

[url=]You May Not Have Sinned Enough Yet!

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Locport, Illinois


thank you for the article and prayers

John Beechy

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