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"Run for Your Life" is an excellent message about the false Gospels in America being a judgment upon the Church. It's one of the most impassioned messages I've heard, well worth the listen. It was the feature sermon on here about a year or so ago if I'm not mistaken.

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 Re: Heed Wilkerson's warning

I have been following Brother Wilkerson's ministry since the 70'S and I highly respect this man and give heed to the prophetic words that come through much time in prayer, seeking the face of God.

I found this information to be interesting. Here are some prophetic words that were given back in the 70'S and were in book "The Vision."

From the Book "The Vision" Authored by David Wilkerson copyright 1974

David Wilkerson, a Christian Minister of the Gospel was given a vision of things that would first happen before the return of Jesus Christ. This vision was given to him about 35 years ago. Today, we can see the result of his prophecy. Keep in mind, this was all written down 35 years ago.

1. God is going to bring a limited time of freedom to those who live in the Communist countries. A temporary truce between the east and the west will occur so the Gospel can be preached there. Russia, China, and Eastern Europe will be opened up to the Gospel.

2. There is coming a worldwide economic confusion, a recession that will affect nearly every wage earner around the world.

3. America will see some of it's most popular corporations go bankrupt.

4. There will be a flurry of near panic decisions made by the American government that will backfire.

5. The American auto industry will be hurt badly.

6. There is coming a backlash against the environmentalist movement. It will become popular to speak out against programs proposed by governement environmentalists.

8. Most of the world leaders will blame America for this coming economic recession.

9. Many people will be unable to pay off their credit card companies, and this will cause a near-chaos situation.

10. There will be a partial and almost a complete recovery from the coming recession, yet the world economy will be in a state of confusion until the day of the Antichrist. There will always be uncertainty about the economic conditions untill his arrival.

11. Soon, many ministers and priest will be exposed for the sexual sins they are now secretly indulging in. There are some very well known ministers who will soon be exposed. Wilkerson said, from God's throne room he has heard, that this sin must be purged.

12. The sin of Sodom will be coming. Soon, homosexuals will be coming out in mass numbers. And soon, the homosexual community will be seen on network talk shows promoting their lifestyle.


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Yet another excellent post from 'AbideinHim.' Thank you for putting that together. We didn't read the book. I can clearly remember myself 35 years ago and am positive I did not/could not see this coming.

Every day finds my eyes lifted to Heaven, watching . . . Come quickly, Lord Jesus,

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well yes. but i'm talking about everything in general. i mean this one is good and genuine as i have found him. but yet i was mearly talking about being carefull about everyone. sense we are in a time of mass confusion then we need to test everything. that is what i was just taking the extra mile to make sure he knows.

yes I trust the things that come out of Times Square church but that is because i am testing and listened to the sermons with caution at first. but now i trust them and i was just saying to him to do that with everybody.

wow i have noticed that i am not that clear with my messages.

----in the name we love to say alot; jesus Christ-



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wow and most of those have happened already. this is some complex stuff. i'm trying to find a pdf version of "the vision"


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