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 God is so wonderful.

last night i was coming home after spending time with a dear sister, and i was on the train (subway) at around 11 pm. i live in the bronx, so the late-night train crowd can be more than a bit tough sometimes. a young man entered the train with a tear tattooed under his eye. i'm not sure, but i've heard that it means he either killed someone or someone he knew was killed in some kind of gang activity. he looked tough as nails. i smiled at him anyways, because i just smile at people, and off we went. at one point, due to logistics of the train, i moved so that i stood between him and an older asian woman. by God's gracious choice, i looked down at what she was reading and saw she was reading about Jesus. it was some kind of catholic book, i think. i offered her a cd of a paul washer sermon, which she gratefully accepted. i had one more sermon in my bag which was "cristo murio por nosotros" through paul washer also. i felt God place in upon my heart to offer it to the gang guy. i was kind of scared, of course, and started debating it in my flesh, is it going to be awkward? is he going to hurt me? etc. i wrestled with it for a couple of stops, and finally it came to me: did Christ die so i could worry about if things got awkward? and also this is true: did Christ die so i could be self-preserving?

so i offered him the cd. it was either that or deny Christ and have to face Him later on knowing He died for me and i'd have to say, "Lord, You died for me to give in to my flesh this night." oh, brethren!! how many times that has been true of me!!!!! but by His power and grace, it was not this time! i gave in to my flesh. i just looked at him with kind eyes and handed it towards him. he looked at it for a second, and he read it and he was so great!!! he took the cd and said thank you! and when he got off the train a couple stops later, he even shook my hand and thanked me again!!! wow!!!

that could have really gone a lot of ways, you would assume that would have ended in violence. which really would have been ok, to be counted worthy to suffer for Christ. but what kindness.

i was so excited all the way home, i just wanted to sing and shout for joy in the streets!

please pray for the asian lady and the gang guy that God would get them, convict them of sin, move in their hearts, save them, and make them His warriors!!!

and praise God for His kindness; He is the One Who give grace to obey and then He rewards us for the obedience....i don't understand.

let us praise God for this victory; may His name be glorified.

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