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 Pray for Michael Sweet of Stryper

Michael Sweet, the lead singer for the Christian band Stryper, lost his dear wife to cancer yesterday. Her name was Kyle Rae. She had been battling cancer for a number of years, but she has found her healing in the loving arms of her Lord.

I know there are some who have issues with this style of Christian music, but I would ask that we all hold up our brother in the Lord, and their two children.

Here's a link:

If you click on "A Letter From Michael" you will read a beautiful eulogy that he wrote about her while sitting by her bedside a couple of days ago.


 2009/3/6 7:37

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 Re: Pray for Michael Sweet of Stryper


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I was just about to post the same topic but figured I'd better check to see if it wasnt already posted.Even though she was sick for awhile, I never imagined she would pass on.Praying for the Sweet family.


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She was in remission for some time, but apparently it came back with a vengeance around the first of the year.

I've had several friends my age (40's) pass away from cancer in the last couple years, and it seems like when it comes back... it usually takes them pretty quick.

Very sad for Michael, you can feel his heart breaking in the words he wrote. I almost teared up myself when I read what he wrote... and that takes a lot.

Victorious and wonderful for his wife tho! She is seeing things that we cant even imagine! Hallelujah!


 2009/3/6 8:37

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 Re: Broken

My heart breaks ... exceedingly

Dear Michael, whether you ever see this, I love you brother.

[i]... weep with them that weep. [/i] Rom 12:15

[b]Weep with them that weep[/b] - Labour after a compassionate or sympathizing mind. Let your heart feel for the distressed; enter into their sorrows, and bear a part of their burdens. It is a fact, attested by universal experience, that by sympathy a man may receive into his own affectionate feelings a measure of the distress of his friend, and that his friend does find himself relieved in the same proportion as the other has entered into his griefs.

Adam Clarke

Mike Balog

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 Re: Pray for Michael Sweet of Stryper

As an 80's teen myself, I remember them well.

He and her family are all in my prayers.

Thanks brother.

 2009/3/6 11:57

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Praying for this man and his family.


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Not at all to detract from the focus of this thread, but Stryper does have a new CD that is in production right now called "Murder By Pride". By all accounts it should be really good.

My prayer is that Michael will have time to heal and restore... and that their ministry will take on new dimensions as he walks thru this with the Lord. These kind of things will either make or break a man spiritually. From what I have been able to tell, he is surrounded by a lot of spiritual support... so I am looking forward to seeing how God uses this experience in his life.


 2009/3/6 12:54


Here's an official press release today... they have set up a scholarship fund for their children. As a homeschool dad I can certainly feel their loss.


 2009/3/7 17:54

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 Re: Pray for Michael Sweet of Stryper


I am so sorry for Michael and his family that they lost a beloved wife and mother. What Mike wrote about his wife is precious and doubt he loved her very much. They have my sympathy.

However, there is one thing that troubles me. I read this earlier, went to bed, slept some and awoke still troubled and felt like I needed to share my concern here...

When I clicked on the link to Michael's site, explored the site more, I was saddened by the immodesty of his wife - the way she was dressed. This really troubled me for several reasons: how can a godly husband parade his wife's in such a manner with the expectation that if would not evoke impure thoughts? Krispy, recently in another thread you mentioned how you attended a church and was saddened by the immodesty displayed there by some females...and yet here you provide a link to a a supposedly Christian man who allows his wife to expose that which should be for her husbands' eyes only...Or does your love for certain kinds of music cloud your perception of holiness/modesty?

I am deeply saddened and troubled...and do you not know there is a young Christian on SI who just shared how he is struggling with immorality and is finding victory elusive? Can this site by Michael Sweet not become an offense to such a tender young man? Granted, this thread was posted before this young man shared his struggle, but there have been other males in the past who shared how they struggled with lust fueled by immodest females...

I am saddened and thought better of you, Krispy...


Sandra Miller

 2009/3/15 1:56Profile

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