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 A Trick of the Enemy

I have had the strangest dreams the last couple of nights, and the one that I had this morning was Tom Cruise singing something about the Lord. He was dancing in the same way that he did in a movie that I saw a long time ago.

Intrigued as to what the meaning of the dream was, I went and found the scene on YouTube, downloaded it, and watched it a couple of times. But it didn't make sense, and I was confused - (you would think I would have caught on then).

This afternoon I was out picking at the ice that we received about a week ago (it is finally melting) and as I was listening to a David Wilkerson sermon, I was convicted of the video clip that I had downloaded and watched!

As I thought about it, there is no way that I would watch something like this today - but I had been tricked. First Satan drew upon old memory banks and craftily tied it to the Lord, second he got me to dwell upon the dream to try and figure it out, then he used curiosity to get me to watch the actual video twice. Now it has been freshly seared into my memory and I expect it will be popping up now and again.

Boy was I stupid.

Lord, please forgive me. Thank you for showing me my error. And if possible, please hit the delete button.

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 Re: A Trick of the Enemy

Years ago I was living in California to help a friend plant a church, when another friend suggested I move to Georgia to help him with his church. That night I had a dream that I intrpreted as a message from God that He wanted me to head east, so off I went. Biggest mistake I ever made; a disasterous decision on every level. God does speak to people in dreams, but at the time I was really into signs and wonders and dream interpretation and all that, when I should have been relying on the Scriptures for guidance.

Wayne Kraus

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 Re: A Trick of the Enemy

Sis, I'm grateful you had the bravery to post this incident. And now Wayne's experience.
You couldn't have named this thread any better.
I've watched this dream craze and also the dreamers waiting for someone to interpret, come in like a snare on so many - it's literally heartbreaking. But how else will people see unless honest folks like the both of you tell their stories.
Some people put regular dreams or even demonic dreams out there to be interpreted and then the "interpretation frenzy" starts. Everyone having a different interpretation and in your own spirit as you see this - you know the dream wasn't from HIM to begin with --- but before long - these same folks believe that every dream that they wake up remembering, they believe needs interpretating.

He can and does at times give dreams, but there is no mystery with them. They are clear and opened up to us by HIM alone and most are just to clean ourselves up against that day and based upon His clear Word.
Thank GOD Jesus warned us that counterfeit phenomena will increase in these days, along side the genuine. I just believe it's a question of not "seeking" the phenomena but just seeking after knowing HIM for Himself and leaving the choice up to Him of how He'll speak to or use us all.
Thank you both for posting, sincerely, on a much needed topic in these days and coming days.
GOD Bless you both and His fruit from it, for the sake of others, Amen.

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I thank God for the true prophetic ministry in the Church. God does on occasion give dreams and visions to his people, and having been married to the same woman for 37 years, who is gifted prophetically, I know from experience that it is real, and is of great benefit when under the reign of the Holy Spirit.

God's primary way of leading us is not through dreams and visions, and many saints have been deceived who have sought after prophetic words, dreams, and visions, and have not given heed to the Spirit of truth that dwells within us. The Holy Spirit is the one that leads us and guides us into all truth, and we have been given the Word of God to be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.



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What really has made an impression on me, in retrospect, was that I didn't see it. While I am aware that we can not see our own sin, it is shocking that I was so completely oblivious to something that was so blatantly obvious.

As I reflected on it this morning, the whole incident reminds me of getting bitten by a mosquito, which injects a bit of a numbing chemical before it draws blood and releases poison into the blood stream of the victim. This of course is to allow it to draw a large amount of blood before you even feel that you have been bitten. Additionally, it is our own itching action that spreads the poison.

Blessedly, the Lord ordered it that the two sermons that I listened to awoke me to the impending doom, and then showed me how the problem came about. The enemy was trying to draw me back into the world, and had gotten me to step off of the shore. I pray often that the Lord alert me to anything that would draw me away from His presence. He is my Lord, and He is my Saviour.

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yes, let us all be careful to listen to only God! i, too, fell into a trap by my foolish interpretation of a dream i had 2 years ago...and i'm still reaping painful consequences and believe that i will be for quite a while. oh, praise God for His mercy to show us the error of our ways, that we migth be conformed to His!!! what a merciful and kind God He is!

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