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sscr01 wrote:

As I have stated, the Catholic Church claims to have over-ruled God and changed the day to Sunday. Even though, Jesus referred to Himself as "The Lord of the Sabbath." Mt 12:8;Mk 2:28;Lu 6:5.

Sometimes truth sits between two opposing errors. Polarizing against the errors of Romanism is not a reliable criterion for determing truth.


Jesus prophesied, that, the Sabbath would be kept during The Great Tribulation, and we are not there, yet. Mt 24:20.

The Sabbath will be kept because there will be Jews in the world during the Tribulation. By the way, it is only by imposing dispensationalism--an extra-biblical redaction--on the Bible that you can place Matt. 24:20 in the Great Tribulation, because the next verse says, "For THEN shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." So you are not quite the biblical purist you suppose yourself to be.

As a young Christian I once attended a Bible study at which I expressed an opinion on a certain doctrinal question. An elder brother quoted a Scripture that flatly contradicted my opinion. I was thunderstruck, mortified to realize that I was contradicting Scripture. It was a humbling experience.

We have bombarded you for days with Scriptures that contradict your opinions, and it hasn't fazed you in the least. You use the Scriptures as a weapon to wound people's consciences, not for sins they've commited, but for disagreeing with your doctrines. Now we have done to you what David did to Goliath--cut your head off with your own sword. And you haven't even noticed! You keep running headlong into error--minus your head!

I certainly hope you are correct in your conviction that you are infallibly right about everything. Because if you are in error, you will remain in error the rest of your life, since you won't listen to anyone.

Wayne Kraus

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