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 Disputatious Moravians-Offenses Dealt with in Corporate Prayer‏

The Moravians were contentious before the revival!!!

From John Greenfield: A History of the Moravian Revival – 2. Power From on High: [url=]Link here.[/url]

“How to unite in faith and love and service the pious but disputatious followers of Huss, Luther, Calvin, Zwingle, Schwenkfeld, etc., etc., seemed indeed a hopeless problem apart from divine intervention.”.... The first part of the year 1727 did not seem very promising. Differences of opinion and heated controversy on doctrinal questions threatened to disrupt the congregation. The majority were members of the Ancient Moravian Church of the Brethren. But other believers had also been attracted to Herrnhut. Lutherans, Reformed, Baptists, etc., had joined the community. Questions of predestination, holiness, the meaning and mode of baptism, etc., etc., seemed likely to divide the believers into a number of small and belligerent sects. Then the more earnest and spiritual souls among them began to cry mightily unto the Lord for deliverance. His first answer was a general outpouring upon them of "the spirit of grace and supplications." (Zech. 12:10.) Matthew Henry's comment on this passage was fulfilled in their case: "When God intends great mercy for His people, the first thing He does is to set them a praying."

Greenfield summarized events in the chapter with a Poem by Montgomery. It speaks of OFFENSES BLOCKING REVIVAL DEALT WITH IN CORPORATE PRAYER.

"They walked with God in Peace and Love,
But failed with one another;
While sternly for the Faith they strove,
Brother fell out with brother;
But He in whom they put their trust,
Who knew their frames that they were dust,
Pitied and healed their weakness.

"He found them in His House of Prayer,
With one accord assembled;
And so revealed His presence there,
They wept with joy and trembled:
One cup they drank, one bread they brake,
One baptism shared, one language spake,
Forgiving and forgiven.

"Then forth they went with tongues of flame,
In one blest theme delighting;
The Love of Jesus and His name,
God's children all uniting;
That Love our theme and watchword still,
The law of love may we fulfill,
And love as we are loved."

P.S. They prayed for the children to be awakened and they were.

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