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 K. Daniel, If you faced death

Keith Daniel[url=]
If you faced death right now[/url]

In modern language: A stunner. . .

An amazing testimony. . .
A serious challenge – without harshness. . .
A serious challenge – without romanticism. . .
A taste of reality.
L. W.

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: K. Daniel, If you faced death

"You never warned them, YOU NEVER WARNED THEM, because you were backslidden!"

another quote from the sermon speaking of a man that didn't have vital reality with God and a young man dies without christ because he was blind leading the blind and couldn't help him:

"Help me I can't face God- help me I can't face God"... so the preacher reached for his prayer book and the man realized that he can't help him. He died under condemnation with his eyes open."

the preacher later replied, "My mind just snapped!"

He later said "GOD I'm a blind leader of the blind!!"


"If you are a blind leader of the blind and someone you are leading would face death what would you say to them sir?" "If you knew that your enemy was to face death right now- would you still regard them as your enemy?"

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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You have to hear this message. This is genuine ministry at its best. Could the lost sit through this message and not be saved?

Do you have a burden to reach the lost? Do you have a burden for souls? If your enemy was to face death right now would you still be their enemy?

Being backslidden takes away our desire to see souls saved.

I will recount one story from this message that sticks out to me.


"Do you remember me uncle Keith?"

This young man's name was Timothy and Keith had met him earlier in his ministry. Bro. Keith asked him:

"Could it be possible that you are not right with God after all these years?"

He turned and got onto his motorcycle.

Please Timothy... come pray with me... and he revved his bike up without a word as I stood weeping...

Timothy had walked away from Keith telling him that he had only come to say "hi" to him and apparently didn't want to talk to him about his soul.

That thing is a death trap!!

Timothy rode away and later crashed his bike and lay dying. The man who spoke last to him asked him these words...

Timothy if you can hear me right now...

You still have moments ask him if you can hear me... Timothy...

Ask God to save your soul...

The man then asked Timothy to squeeze his hand as he lay there dying if he had asked God to forgive and save him.

and he squeezed it and died...

Robert Wurtz II

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