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 The YoYo

My husband has been driving me 500 miles one way to the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Tx. We have been so many times that we have gone several different ways just to get over the bordom and the stress of thinking about the procedures. We always have the radio on, we listen to praise and worship tapes and healing scriptures.
On the way back the Spirit of the Lord started talking and and showing me things. The word Cancer is a very scarey word, even if you are a man or woman of Christ. It is heart breaking, it messes with the mind, this same thing can happen if you have found out you heart trouble, diabetes,etc.
Setting in the car thinking about everything that went on this last trip, like my schedule was messed up, one Dr. didn/t tell them I needed to medicated to do MRi's, thought we were done for the day we get a call to go back and let them draw blood and get with the doctor about the medication they would use to put me to sleep.
I was thinking all about this, we had talked with the radiologist about radiation but they can't give it to me because all the new biopsys are normal it only showed up in my urine, so he wouldn't know where to zap me.
Thinking about all of this, I saw a yoyo, like one of those old brown duncan yoyo's. I use to play with them in my younger years, we would keep the string loose enough so the yoyo would spin and we could walk the dog or go around the world, etc. But I was just hanging there spinning, spinning in confussion, spinning in dread (a fearful anticpation) spinning in distrust over my urologist which I knew it was God who put us together, He is a professor of eurology and over thw entire urology dept., he did the original surgery.
I knew in my spirit that Satan was what was holding me there spinning, I looked up the string and I saw a finger, the finger of God, He yanked the string and I went right up that string into the hands of God, I was a red yoyo, I was washed in the blood of Jesus.
Then the spirit of the Lord started talking to me about the string, the yoyo is no good with out string, it can't be used for what it was made for without a string. The string is very important, we have to be very careful that we don't get knots of unforgivess in the string, the knot of pride, the knot of jealousy, anything that is sinful puts a knot in that string and the string gets shorter, some knots get harder to get out it takes a lot praying to get them out. We need to get rid of the knots on the string.
We need to take inventory of ourselves everyday,do we line up with the Word of God?
Are we walking in love, perfect love casts out fear.
Have we got all the knots out of the stringgs of our lives, are we spinning in control by the hand of God?
Don"t let Satan get a hold of you and cause you to spin out of control. When we get rid of all the knots and we are working to line up with the Word of God, the ride up the yoyo is smootherinto
hand of God especially when Satan tries to hold us down and attack us.
I knew this was not just for me and so I wanted to share this because I felt in my heart I should. One more thing no cancer cells in the urine, Hallelujah!!!!
Granny Goose

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 Re: The YoYo

Thank you for sharing. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may you see His never failing love for you always.

Blessings; Alan

Alan Taylor

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