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 Hello... Introducing Myself


I am Jeremy, 26 years old, from India. I live in Tamil Nadu which is the Southernmost state in India :-)

I am presently in the United States, working in Ohio as an IT consultant.

I was introduced to sermonindex by a friend.This is truly such a blessing with the vast wealth of the Bible and peoples personal experiences with God :-D

I am reading Leonard RavenHill's sermons and if possible will listen to some of his sermons over the weekend. As he rightly says I guess we now need to pray not for an economic turnaround but for Revival all around! His messages are so powerful and insightful! Thank you for sharing :-)

I would appreciate suggestions on other material as well.

Thank you and God Bless!

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Ohio, USA

 Re: Hello... Introducing Myself

Welcome Jeremy.

Where in Ohio are you working?

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 Re: Hello... Introducing Myself

Thanks LoveGodsWay2!

I'm working in Mason,Ohio

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 Re: Hello... Introducing Myself

Hi Jeremy,

Welcome to the forum. I discovered sermonindex recently while Googling for Ravenhill videos. Is this a great website or what?

I met with Ravenhill once in his office in Lindale. We had corresponded for a few years--I used to locate rare out-of-print books for him--so I dropped in on him while passing through Texas. The entry to his residence was gated and flanked by two imposing brick pillars topped by white marble lions. For a second I was in shock: "What? Ravenhill lives in a mansion???" But in fact, he and Martha lived in a little guest house by the gate.

He was just as fiery and intense in person as in the pulpit. He had a one-track mind: Revival!

Wayne Kraus

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Joined: 2009/2/12
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 Re: Hello... Introducing Myself

Thank you Wayneman,

You are privileged to have met Ravenhill in person[:)] and its sure good to know from a firsthand account that Ravenhill practised what he preached.He did not care for the riches of the world...

Yes,I believe Sermonindex is a great wealth to Christianity.I am able to find a lot of audio,video and text messages that are such an encouragement.

Back home in India, we listened to Ravenhill's audio sermons downloaded from sermonindex.I find his messages so intense and straight to the heart.

These sermons are so very applicable today when most Christians are seeking God's blessings to live a comfortable life on earth.They are so carried away by this that they forget about the soul and eternity.I have attended meetings where people spoke on believing in Jesus and having a blessed life ever after.

I can only pray 'Lord! teach me to pray' to be closer to Him so that the things of the earth will look strangely dim.

Pray for me that my prayer life will be strengthened. God Bless!

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