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 The idol, SELF, falls prostrate before Jesus Christ!

[b]The idol, SELF, falls prostrate before Jesus Christ![/b]

(edited from Thomas Reade's, "On Conversion")

When the Savior was born into the world, there
was no room for Him in the inn. Just so it is with
our depraved hearts still.

Satan tempts with the threefold hindrances
of unbelief, pride, and prejudice.

Inbred sin, afraid of losing its darling gratifications,
opposes every effort to admit so kind a Friend.

The flesh pleads hard for self indulgence.

The world spreads...
its painted baubles,
its deceitful riches,
its empty honors,
its intoxicating pleasures.

So thus the sinner is held in vassalage
to the powers of darkness.

Is, then, the heart forever barred against the
Prince of peace? Forever barred it would be, did
not sovereign grace, by its almighty power, drive
out the strong man armed, crucify each rebellious
lust, and bring every thought into captivity to the
obedience of Christ.

When grace opens the sinner's heart, all the
powers of the soul are made willing to admit
the conquering Savior, and to acknowledge
Him to be the Lord.

Old favorite sins now become hateful.

Darling lusts appear like inbred vipers.

Satan is beheld in all his horrors.

Vice in perceived its true deformity.

The world loses its charms.

Heaven opens on the enraptured eye of faith.

Holiness captivates the heart by its celestial beauties.

Jesus is beheld with rising admiration, and
becomes each day more precious to the soul.

Such is the wonderful change wrought in the
conversion of a sinner, through the power of
the Holy Spirit.

Unbelief gives way to faith;
pride gives way to humility;
anger gives way to meekness;
impatience gives way to resignation;
hatred gives way to love, and
sin gives way to universal holiness.

The idol, SELF, falls prostrate before Jesus Christ;
and nothing is extolled, or trusted in, or pleaded
before the throne of God, but the precious blood
and righteousness of Emmanuel.

All glory is now given to the Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit; and the Triune God is ALL in ALL.

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