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 Former Klansman apologized to John Lewis

Like they say you have to start somewhere. I don't agree with all that John Lewis now represents but this recent apology is in regards to an incident 48 years before. It's not an attempt to pour salt in old wounds but the seemingly beginning works of gospel grace in this old former Klansman's heart is what intrigued me when I saw the video.

I just tried to share a video and it doesn't look like it worked so I deleted the link. But thanks to Natan he has shared a link to it in the next post. My video was different but it's the same subject. In the video I saw, the former Klansman speaks of having been saved and it seems the beginnings of gospel grace are beginning to work in his heart. It's a good story in my opinion and I wanted to share it as a blessing.

Thanks Natan


David Winter

 2009/2/10 8:45Profile

 Re: Former Klansman apologized to John Lewis

[url=]John Lewis and Erwin [/url]

 2009/2/10 8:51

 Re: Former Klansman apologized to John Lewis

Praise God... the Klan is evil in one of it's worst forms. I have relatives and ancestors who dabbled with the Klan. It's nothing but pure hatred, and the sickening part is they in recent years they have tried to cloak themselves in the guise of being a Christian denomination.


 2009/2/10 10:29

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