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 Violent Days Ahead

Saints, can I say something to you that I believe the Holy Spirit keeps fluttering around in my heart? I don't have time to say much. Indeed, I don't have very much to say. I say it in all humility before you all. Please judge if you think the Holy Spirit is indeed in it. The thing I believe I keep hearing from God over and over is this: Violent days are ahead. Please be prepared in your hearts for the troubles that are coming. Don't be troubled by the things that are coming. But, do prepare yourself for it.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Violent Days Ahead

King Jimmy,

My husband and I both see the same thing. We are doing our best to reduce our expenses and prepare for a large garden in the front and back yard. Last summer we were able to feed our selves, Lord willing we will have excess to share with our neighbors. They are not listening to us about making their own gardens. :-o

If anyone is interested I will share more of what we are doing to conserve our resources(read that as - money).

Kind regards,
white stone


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We as Christian's need to take 'Stewardship' more seriously in all areas of our lives. Thank you for sharing this much needed information with us.


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 Re: Violent Days Ahead

Violent days are ahead.

yes Jimmy, I've been getting that leading for a while now.

I dont want to say a lot more than that, except to hang on to this Bit of Scripture, "Don't be afraid, just believe".

May He protect you, guide you and love you, forever, In Jesus Name, amen, neil

 2009/2/9 19:46

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 Re: Violent Days Ahead


KingJimmy wrote:
Don't be troubled by the things that are coming. But, do prepare yourself for it.

Hi KingJimmy,

It is good to see you around again. I've thought of you from time to time; hope all is well.

As to your thought, I can't say that I have sensed bad times are coming, but I have been very aware that they could. Having just been through my own difficult time, I have discovered personally that God is able to keep us through whatever we face. As I sense my test is over, as I am experiencing some of His goodness, I am still very aware that harder times could come.

Your specific comment, which I have quoted is interesting from a personal standpoint. My reading lately has been in John 13-15. Jesus is aware that His time is at hand. He knows what is getting reading to happen. He is overcome with a sense of love for His disciples, knowing His time with them is limited.

His words to them struck me; the same words that someone mentioned in their post. Here is Jesus, mindful of what He is getting ready to face and is able to say, 'Let not your heart be troubled. Trust in God...' In spite of what He knew He was getting ready to face, He had peace because He trusted God.

We may be in for harder times. I will not be at all surprised. I hope we are all walking close enough that we might be able to trust. Jesus trusted, not thinking that things would be well and that He would be spared, He trusted knowing He wouldn't be.

Mike Jones

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