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 Some sermons that has spoken to me under these last years

Hello everyone, i just wanted to share some sermons that has really blessed me during the years on SI.

I have been listening to some of them again, and they still speak much to me, this first one has so much value to me, more then i can share in words.

Just a fragrance of what SI has to offer.

[url=]The Cost of Going All The Way With God by David Wilkerson[/url]

[url=]How To Be Cleansed & Filled With the Spirit by Gerhard Du Toit[/url]

This one i have heard many,many times, when i have often felt as i was to give up, i could not go on any longer, somehow my mind has been lead to remember this message and i have listened to it again and again, it always made me weep. The depth of the grace of God.....

[url=]The grace of God by T.A Sparks[/url]

[url=]The Greatest Words in All of Scripture (video) by Paul Washer[/url]

[url=]Faith that leaves the gas station by Major Ian Thomas[/url]

[url=]Knowing Jesus by Major Ian Thomas[/url]

Although generations apart, nations apart, and cultural apart, this could have been my life story

[url=]My life story by Willie Mullan[/url]

I hope someone can find something for their spirit in these.


 2009/2/8 15:24Profile

 Re: Some sermons that has spoken to me under these last years

I love it when others post sermons that have blessed them.:-) Sometimes I get lost on here trying to know where to start. Right now I am listening to Zac Poonen's series on the Last Days and deception. Thanks for posting these.

 2009/2/8 15:33

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