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 Re: Children's Ministry

Maybe I should clarify a bit as to my situation. I am a part of church, where although far from perfect, there is many people who truly love God. Our sunday school runs at the same time as an adult sunday school, after which everyone joins together for the service. Our children range from five to ten, our attendance has been going way up, so we are having up to seventy. It becomes a challenge to keep them orderly and attentive. Being apart of the Sunday School, I desire to impact these children in a real way for Christ.

Personally we (my wife and I) avoid most Sunday Schools and youth groups.
Most denominations spend millions of dollars each year on Sunday School materials and training (which is not once commanded in scripture)... and dont spend one penny on teaching Fathers to teach their children (which is commanded over and over again in scripture).

Both statements I wholeheartedly agree with. I personally would like to see an ideal Christian setting where there wouldn't be the need for neither. However, I know from my own experience, a few sunday school teachers played an integral role in my not only hearing the real gospel but also in shaping my life. And I see a great need for that with some of the children coming. Especially when you get children from broken homes.
As for spending large amounts on all kinds of resources. I neither can nor have the desire too. I don't want it to be a school. I want it to be a place where they are loved, where they are nurtured, where they learn about an amazing, holy God.

I'm so sorry about my previous answer. I don't know what I thought you asked!

Apology accepted. I sometimes am not very clear about what I mean.

Bill Wilson is the pastor of one of the most impacting children's ministries that I have ever seen. Each week, the church reaches out to over 20,000 children in some of the roughest areas of NYC ghettos.

That's my vision. To reach out to those children that are really in need. True that most children who come to church come from professing Christian families and if they don't know, its to the shame of their parents, but what about the handful that come from broken families, no love, no gospel witness. I think it would all be worth it, if you could reach out and touch, even just a few with the love of Christ.

If you have the opportunity, read Whose Child is This? I will be praying for you, brother.

I will be looking for it. And, thanks, I deeply appreciate it.

This term we've really started to see a leap forward in implementing this, but we have been met with the some resistance from teachers who would rather teach the 'next lesson in the book' than ask the Lord. We'll get there though, God willing. I hope that helps.

That's what we have been doing, shifting away from merely lesson to lesson to making it real, personal, from the heart.

So, we have been completely been changing the way we do things, which comes with many challenges:) Currently we are going through the Bible, starting in Genesis, and basing the lesson around it. And doing memory verses, teaching them songs, then we have an activity, which gives us time to interact with them one on one. I think I like the format, although I am always open to good ideas. I am just wondering about how to effectively get my point across, how to deal with troublemakers, how to show them that we care?

I want to thank everybody who gave advice and encouragement, its good to see. God bless you all.

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