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 Does anyone know who wrote this song?

I found it in an old book of hymns,songs and poems which I have collected over the years but generally forgotten where I found them!

"Behold the Holy Lamb of God,
Spotless and pure and undefiled.
No stain in Him impaired the blood
Which cleanses you, the Father's child.

Gaze on Him with your spirit's eye,
On Him the Head of New Mankind.
No fault, no sin can you espy,
No blemish in His being find.

Stand in amazement, saints on earth
As Him you find divinely fair!
Worship perfection's matchless worth!
Rejoice! Your life is hidden there!"


Gwendoline Mead

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 Re: Does anyone know who wrote this song?

Found this from Google:

When I have time I will try looking in some of the older books I have.

Great subject, I'd like to hear it.

white stone


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 Re: Does anyone know who wrote this song?

Speaking of music...has anybody heard of Chico Holiday?

There's a song I heard from him called "Higher Ground" or "Higher Plain" something like that.

Leonardo Santana

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