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 Re: Please Pray for my Grandparents


HeartSong wrote:
Please pray for my step-grandparents.

My grandfather is in his mid 90's and my grandmother is in her mid 80's. Recently my grandmother has been having health issues that makes it almost impossible for my grandfather to care for her.

During her lifetime, my grandmother has been very cruel to her daughters, and now that she is weak, this cruelty is being turned against her. The problem is that my grandfather, who loves the Lord, is caught in the middle and his heart is becoming bitter.

My grandfather has moved into assisted living and my grandmother is living at home. All these years they have functioned as one (right, wrong or indifferent) and now Satan has come in and split them apart just when they need each other the most.

Please pray that my grandfather's heart does not become bitter and that the Lord breaks through to my grandmother.

Thank you.

Oh Lord, bind Satan. Don't let him get the victory over these two souls.

I will pray for your situation.

 2009/2/8 13:34

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Thank you all for your prayers. I went to visit my grandparents this weekend. On Friday I had supper with my grandfather, and the next day I had lunch with my grandmother.

Blessedly, I can no longer see any trace of bitterness in my grandfather. However, it is quite obvious that his heart it hurting.

As I talked with my grandmother it became clear that she is being deceived by the enemy. I praise the Lord that we were able to talk about this and am in prayer that He will reveal this to her heart, which she says is "shriveling up."

Interestingly, on my way home I got caught in a blizzard and ended up spending the night at my dad and my step-mothers house. The Lord used the event to increase my understanding of walking by faith, as I was driving into the heart of the storm and could no longer see the road.

Please continue in prayer for my grandparents.

 2009/4/6 16:53Profile


Thanks, Heartsong! It's always nice to get an update.
Isn't it lovely to know that Jesus can use the Love that He has bestowed in our lives to bring healing to hurt and to soften hearts.
Our families are so very important to us and our loving Heavenly Father understands all.

 2009/4/6 18:37

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 Re: Please Pray for my Grandparents

I am praying with you fellow pilgrim.

Eric Lanham

 2009/4/6 21:27Profile

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Greetings heartsong

I will continue praying for your grandparents. I am glad to hear that your grandfather is no longer bitter. I will pray for your grandfather to be comforted and filled with Fathers peace to ease the hurt he is dealing with. I pray Father will open your grandmothers heart to hear His truth and that her eyes will be opened to any deception of the enemy.

God Bless you

 2009/4/6 22:19Profile

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North Central Florida


Dear HeartSong,

Yes, as previously mentioned, followups are greatly appreciated. Especially when there is good news mixed in with them.

Not only a change in your Grandfather but I sense one in you too, much more at peace.

Will continue praying for you and yours,
Kind regards,
white stone


 2009/4/7 0:37Profile


Sis, this situation is heart-rendering.

You and your Grandparents will stay in my prayers.

 2009/4/7 0:50

Joined: 2006/9/13
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What a blessing it is to have brothers and sisters in Christ. May He bless you all as your hearts are found in Him. Thank you, thank you, for all of your encouragement.

 2009/4/7 1:32Profile

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