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 Book Rec. - The Loveliness of Christ, Rutherford

I heartily recommend a book by Samuel Rutherford, called "The Loveliness of Christ." It's a collection of extracts, from one to five sentences each, taken from his journals, letters, and writings, expressing his deep love for Christ. A Puritan during times of opposition, his experience was one of exile and persecution. Yet Rutherford praises Jesus for many things I had never thought to be thankful for; as a result the tiny book has been stirring my heart.

The language is sometimes dated and grammatically clunky, but the spirit is warm and worthwhile. A glossary in the back helps with antiquated words.

The book is available [url=]here[/url] or can be found with the ISBN number elsewhere:

ISBN: 9780851519562


It is the Lord's kindness that He will take the scum off us in the fire. Who knows how needful winnowing is to us, and what dross we must want removed ere we enter the kingdom of God? So narrow is the entry to heaven, that our knots, our bunches and lumps of pride, and self-love, and idol-love, and world-love must be hammered off us, that we may throng in, stooping low, and creeping through that narrow and thorny entry.

Wants are my best riches, for I find these supplied by Christ.

You will not get leave to steal quietly to heaven, in Christ's company, without a conflict and a cross.

Christ's cross is such a burden as sails are to a ship or wings are to a bird.

Our best food here is hunger.

I think I see more of Christ than ever I saw; and yet I see but little of what may be seen.

Lay all your loads and your weights by faith upon Christ. Ease yourself and let Him bear all. He can, He does, He will bear you.

I urge upon you... a near communion with Christ and a growing communion. There are curtains to be drawn back in Christ that we never saw, and new foldings in Him.I despair that ever I shall win to the far end of that love,there are so many plies in it; therefore dig deep, and sweat, and labor, and take pains for Him, and set by so much time in the day for Him as you can: He will be won with labor.

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 Re: Book Rec. - The Loveliness of Christ, Rutherford

Oh yes, this is a wonderful little book.

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