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Sometimes after I sin I can't believe that I have done what I've done. To walk in joyous union with Christ is the believers great privilege. To turn from this to sin is folly of the highest degree, but yet we struggle. It's when we fall on our knees helpless before God that true blessing comes.

I think it's all about what we feed. Genuine prayer and the Bible study balanced with Christian service will allow the Holy Spirit to really work in us and we can live that life of victory over sin. It's only allowing the Lord to have His way with us that we can experience this victory.

"Sin will keep you from the Bible and the Bible will keep you from sin" - Anon

Thanks for everybody's comments on this thread. They've been a real blessing to me. We have a wonderfully merciful God.


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Hemel Hempstead


Purity is something I want to strive for!

Mt 5:8 - Show Context
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Is God quick to forgive?

Paul West Wrote: [b]"Christians are in dire need of instruction and teaching during times of failure. All we ever hear, it seems, are exhortations on how not to fail...or how to keep from failing."[/b]

Paul well said
We all know the bible speaks much on forgiveness in the confession of sin...but does there come a time to where God allows us a season of repentance before He forgives? Relate this to the blind man repeatedly crying out to Jesus, the disciples noticed and were upset, but Christ was a patient and quiet, after much pursuing Christ, He turned to the man and healed him. Or the woman and the lost coin, the parable of the man pounding on his neighbors door. basically what I am saying is God always quick to forgive?

I hear preachers say things like this in there sermons, probably more from a Reformed view, to pursue repentance stay at His feet until he grants you sorrow and leads you to repentance! To me that sounds cruel. In my early christian walk I have had others say Christ is quick to forgive and ready to always forgive. If you can imagine if you have children and he sins or struggles in a area, would I or you stand there while he is asking for forgiveness or imploring you to help with this struggle...would you not help and feel your child's plight as if it were your own? Or would you stand there and say, [i]"not sure if this is really genuine...lets wait and ignore this...maybe by ignoring this he will feel worse and maybe a light will go on in his head and finally get it!"[/i]

I admit I struggle in this area like most, it is something that is not a battle as it used to be. But every once and while it will rear its ugly head and then the choice will have to be made...indulge or flee. I wish I could say I choose the latter more than the other...but to my shame and regret I have not always been victorious.

I suppose I am tired of hearing sermons on this matter since everyone has the solution, some offer much grace and mercy, some with much scorn and a false assurance. many say lay at Christ feet until he grants you victory and forgiveness. Unless I am wrong, that just seems not right....I thought and always hoped that Christ is willing to forgive.

Most of this thought comes from a CD I listened the short he was saying seek repentance turn toward Christ and cry out to him until he saves you. That just doesn't seem correct to me, it sounds like you are trying to earn or beg for salvation and an interview! It reminds me of what Martin Luther went through...always petitioning and seeking God in forgiveness of sins, continual beating of the chest in his lament over sin. What has happened to mercy and grace! When you or I fail, there's not much grace and mercy, but OH examine yourselves!! Its not like you were feeling bad already and have some guy throw more doubt and fear on you...this needs to stop. we have to many eager to swing the sword, not enough to come along a brother such as in Gal. 6.

This thread has been much encouragement and full wise counsel for our brother and surely for all of us. What a refreshing change from the normal(theological discussions).... GRACE GRACE oh how we all need it!


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