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the Lord put it upon my heart to tell you to ask Him to show you how He can protect you in all things.

This has also been true for me. And if it is true for me, I suspect it would be for others as well.

I am physically a small person. If any one would want to hurt me or take advantage of me, I would not have the natural, physical strength to defend myself. So what do I do? I am not about to become a recluse; I have errands to run for myself as well as for my husband. Because of my weakness, I will pray and ask the LORD to protect me. I rarely go long distances without praying and asking God for his protection. I have done it for years and the LORD has always been with me, even when my car gave me trouble and I had to rely on strangers for assistance. I rarely experience fear but when I do, I feel compelled to pray more fervently and take extra precautions.

This is my testimony and I am so grateful to the LORD for his kindness in granting me safety all these many years, almost 62 of them.


Sandra Miller

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