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 Internet filters for PDA's, smartphones etc..

I had the bright idea of getting a smartphone working on Windows Mobile 6 to install a bible package.

Advantages of being able to carry more than one version of the bible plus commentaries appealed greatly.

Didnt realise that there were no filters to block undesirable content for these Wi-Fi 3G, GPRS functions so basically opened up a world of temptation to me which I'd rather not have - therefore I have got rid of the phone again.

Are there any filters out there for this type of thing apart from Safe Eyes for the Iphone and touch?

Any-one suggest a MP3/4 player with an ebook type function apart from Apple? (or any other sort of gadget that can be used for a bible with search functions but no internet access)

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 Re: Internet filters for PDA's, smartphones etc..

you could uninstall the internet browsers


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Thats not a bad idea! Thanks for that.

Any other ideas?

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I was able to configure my cell phone options to block internet access on the phone. This could be done on the phone but was more thorough on the provider's website (ie: Verizon). Once I configured the website to block internet I then blocked the website so it wouldn't be possible to re-enable access during some extreme moment of temptation.

Brian Erickson

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