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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 MUST HEAR: Early Anabaptism Audio Series



On a cold winter night in 1525, the Spirit of God descended upon a group of twelve brethren in Switzerland and sparked what has since been called the Anabaptist Movement. Looking back at the lives of the men and women in the early days of this revival, we see a passion, a power, a depth of Christian experience that far surpasses that of American Christianity today. What drove them? What set them apart? What was the source of their power—a power that through martyrdom defied even death itself? In this series, Brother Denny attempts to answer these questions and others, always coming back to our Lord Jesus, who was their very life.

[b](Early Anabaptism) Christ in Early Anabaptism by Denny Kenaston[/b]

[b](Early Anabaptism) Theology Versus Anabaptist Reality by Denny Kenaston[/b]

[b](Early Anabaptism) Gelassenheit—Complete Surrender by Denny Kenaston[/b]

[b](Early Anabaptism) Foundation Stones in the Anabaptist Faith by Denny Kenaston[/b]

[b](Early Anabaptism) The Anabaptist Vision by Denny Kenaston[/b]

[b](Early Anabaptism) Reviving the Righteous Root of Anabaptism by Denny Kenaston[/b]

[b](Early Anabaptism) The Approaching Wave of Persecution by Denny Kenaston[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: MUST HEAR: Early Anabaptism Audio Series

Hi Greg,

Thanks for posting about these sermons! I've already downloaded one of them and I'm planning on checking out some of the others.



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I have listened to part 1 and have found it so inspiring, challenging. I look forward to listening to the others.

Quote by Denny Keneston: "we can seek truth and reality through Christian history." This is what Bible history is all about: it presents truth through history, hence its appeal to people of all ages.

Thanks for posting these audios, Greg.


Sandra Miller

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


we can seek truth and reality through Christian history

Amen. There has been a "overcoming" glorious bright bride throughout all ages. Christ has always had his church that did not bear man's names on it but only His!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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thank you for putting them up, the anabaptists passion and life and zeal for true biblical christianity and truth shames me, but encurages me also to press on.

what i love with them is it not only a doctrine or a theory, but life....

so often we hold a certain view, we "refute" calvinism or arminianism ect, yet we dont have the same life in us that those we say have a faulty doctrine, be it wesley,finney or calvin or edwards.

what they had was life... the anabaptists had life..

oh we need life! to quote ravenhill, you think you are spiritual because you get your head overloaded with theology...

oh that jesus life would flow through me !

these are truly gems worth listening and dwelling upon. thank you


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so often we hold a certain view, we "refute" calvinism or arminianism ect, yet we dont have the same life in us that those we say have a faulty doctrine, be it wesley,finney or calvin or edwards.


A good word brother.


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what they had was life... the anabaptists had life

But what is that life? I have known people who have been highly esteemed in ministry circles. People esteemed their marvelous preaching and teaching, and street ministry and giving....

but at home or in their closest relationships they were not so wonderful....

what is this life we are talking about? And where does it come from?

Without sound doctrine their can be no Life. Without the correct Jesus there can be no Life.

What happens when human zeal runs out? What happens when human effort runs out...then what do you have?

 2009/1/5 14:24

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Their is a lot of rich heavenly zeal that can be observed in all of God's children throughout the ages. Despite their lack of perfect theology, God's church has always been perfected in love. I look forward to listening to this series. But, I would caution the listener to be aware of some of the errors of the Anabaptist. It is very dangerous to make the doctrine of justification and sanctification the same thing.

You can read more on this in these articles:

[url=]The Anabaptists[/url] from

[url=]Zwingli and Anabaptists[/url] by Sam Storms

[url=]The Anabaptists and their Stepchildren[/url] (history book) by F.N. Lee

I will say Again, It is a very serious error to make the doctrine of Sanctification and Justification the same thing, and I would caution everyone to beware of this error of Anabaptists. It's not something easy to spot out because often it is taught very subtly by them.

Thomas Watson said this,


(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Prayer")

"You were sanctified, you were justified."
1 Corinthians 6:11

Justification and sanctification are not the same.

Justification is without us—sanctification is within us.
The one is by righteousness imputed—the other is by
righteousness imparted. Justification is once and for
all—sanctification is gradual. One person is sanctified
more than another—but one cannot be more justified
than another. One has more grace than another—but
he is not more justified than another.

The matter of our justification is perfect, namely,
Christ's righteousness; but our sanctification is
imperfect, there are the spots of God's children. Our
graces are mixed with sin, our duties are defiled.

Thus justification and sanctification are not the same.

Yet, for all that, they are never separated. God never
pardons and justifies a sinner—but He also sanctifies him.
"This is He who came by water and blood, even Jesus
Christ." 1 John 5:6. Christ comes to the soul by blood,
which denotes remission of sin; and by water, which
denotes sanctification. Let no man say he is pardoned,
who is not made holy! This I urge against those who
talk of their sin being forgiven, and having a part in
Christ—and yet remain unconverted, and live in the
grossest sins!

Where God pardons, He purifies. Whoever God forgives,
He transforms. Let no man say his sins are forgiven—who
does not find an inherent work of holiness in his heart.
"I will place My Spirit within you and cause you to follow
My statutes and carefully observe My ordinances."
Ezekiel 36:27"

Charles Spurgeon said this,


The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Old Way of the Wicked" Job 22:15-17.

The unsaved talk of their merits, prayers, and
tears. They will, if they can, find something of
their own in which to trust. They wrap their
miserable rags about them, and claim that
they are well clad. Being fascinated by self
deceit, they imagine that they are rich and
increased in goods when they are naked,
and poor, and miserable. They will not lie
at the feet of Jesus, and receive salvation
as a gift of mercy, pure mercy!

The way of self-righteousness is trodden
by tens of thousands of men. Ah, your church
goings and your chapel goings, your goings to
the sacrament, your baptism, your confirmation,
your ceremonies of all sorts and kinds, your gifts
to the poor, your contributions to charities, your
amiable speeches, your repetitions of your
liturgies, and your prayers; these are rested
on as the rock of your salvation.

Beware, I entreat you, for this is the way of
the Pharisee when he thanked God that he
was not as other men. It is the way of sinful
human nature which always goes about to
establish its own righteousness, and will not
submit itself to the righteousness of Christ.

As surely as the Pharisees were condemned
as a generation of vipers, and could not escape
the damnation of hell, so surely every one of us,
if we set up our righteousness in the place of
Christ's righteousness, will meet with condemnation,
and will be overthrown by God's sudden wrath!"


Abraham Juliot

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When the reality of Christ is so strong in my life that men are willing to hunt me down like a dog to tortuously rid the earth of me because my testimony is so repulsive to them in their wickedness, then I will move on to picking apart and condemning them because of their (Anabaptists)theology. Was their theology perfect and right on in every way? I seriously doubt it, but they (in the strength of their movement) were made perfect in love and humility which are the marks and commands of Christ. I have read writings of Calvin that I wonder how He could possibly believe what he wrote, but I still cannot condemn him as this is not my place. We can find fault in anything or anyone, all we need to do is disagree with them and that will feed our critical spirit. I know, because I have spent too many years sidetracked and kept out of the battle with divisive arguments. What a subtle tactic of the enemy to keep us disunified and unloving toward each other and ruins our testimony to the world of what true christianity looks like. Love will cover a multitude of sin. Strive to love perfectly, it is the more excellent way. I love this family that God has given us, thanks Barry

Barry Voss

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This preacher will not lead you astray. If only we would follow Christ as Kenaston has.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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