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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Licensing proposal could require lawyers to endorse homosexuality

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 Licensing proposal could require lawyers to endorse homosexuality

[b]Licensing proposal could require lawyers to endorse homosexuality[/b]

One of the top lawyers in the nation in the battle to protect traditional marriage, historically Christian lifestyle choices, parental rights and the key freedoms provided by the U.S. Constitution is warning that there eventually could be no lawyers left to take up those disputes.

That's because of a recommendation before the State Bar of Arizona – the organization that licenses attorneys – to require all new lawyers to swear they won't let their personal religious perspective on homosexuality affect their representation of any client. Mathew Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel, warns that the proposal is just the "tip of the iceberg."

According to reports in Arizona, the state bar is considering a major change to its existing oath that requires lawyers to affirm they won't "permit considerations of gender, race, age, nationality, disability or social standing to influence my duty of care" to ...

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 Re: Licensing proposal could require lawyers to endorse homosexuality

Membership in the American Psychological Association (the national professional organization) has required this for several years now. But then they are the spearhead in this area. Professional conduct codes in different States vary at this point but a violation of that code can result in loss of a license to practice.

The American Psychological Association will not doubt be presenting a “Friends of the Court” Brief in this case affecting the practice of law. If you think research is suppressed that supports Creation, you should see what is suppressed in this area of “science” that is used to support “expert opinions” upon which courts make findings of fact.

Then you add America’s application of evolution to the field of law – the move to build up and cite precedent “case law” to support what is truth rather than comparing each case to the original standard set by law – and voila, our understanding of right and wrong (good and evil) gets “better and better.”

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