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 The limitations of reason and the heart of Christianity

Taken from "Here I Stand - A Life of Martin Luther" - by Roland H. Blainton.

"A new view also of God is here. The All Terrible is the All Merciful too. Wrath and love fuse upon the cross. The hideousness of sin cannot be denied or forgotten; but God, who desires not that a sinner should die but that he should turn and live, has found the reconciliation in the pangs of bitter death. It is not that the Son by his sacrifice has placated the irate Father; it is not primarily that the Master by his self-abandoning goodness has made up for our deficiency. It is that in some inexplicable way, in the utter desolation of the forsaken Christ, God was able to reconcile the world to himself. This does not mean that all the mystery is clear. God is still shrouded at times in thick darkness. There are almost two Gods, the inscrutable God whose ways are past finding out and the God made known to us in Christ. He is still a consuming fire, but he burns that he may purge and chasten and heal. He is not a God of idle whim, because the cross is not the last word. He who gave His Son unto death also raised him up and will raise us with him, if with him we die to sin that we may rise to newness of life."

"Who can understand this? Philosophy is unequal to it. Only faith can grasp so high a mystery. This is the foolishness of the cross which is hid from the wise and prudent. Reason must retire. She cannot understand that "God hides his power in weakness, his wisdom in folly, his goodness in severity, his justice in sins, his mercy in anger."

Amen! So be it Lord.

I pray you all had a blessed holiday and I pray and wish you well in the coming year.

David Winter

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 Re: The limitations of reason and the heart of Christianity

No way could we fathom the depths of His great
love; or measure the sacrifice that was made
when His Beloved Son offered up His life for

Martin G. Smith

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