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 Concerning the New Year...

Here's a little something from the Intercessors Network that I would like to share...
Concerning the New Year. . .

Our prayer in regards to the new year, our prayer for the church, our prayer for you develops along the lines of which is indicated in the small item inserted below.
The apprehending of the reality of the cross, a corporate apprehending of the cross, a priestly apprehending of the cross of Jesus Christ establishes and profits heavenly purposes, profits the body of Christ and profits the poor and oppressed in this world.

Every blessing,
Lars Widerberg

The Church and the Cross

The Church embodying the meaning of Calvary is the occasion of the spiritual conflict, and where there is a real apprehension of the full meaning of the Cross and a practical expression of it in a people, there you have opposition and conflict in its most intense and persistent form.

To say that in other words, the measure of the living corporate embodiment and expression of the meaning of Calvary is the measure of spiritual warfare.

The more there is of the living apprehension of the Cross and the more there is of a living expression of God’s thought about the Church, the more there will be of spiritual conflict, the more the antagonism and hatred of the powers of evil will be manifested, expressed, demonstrated.

The Cross in all its fulness of meaning, the Church in all its mighty, Divine significance, have one object in view ultimately, and that object is the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The Church, therefore, takes up that meaning of the Cross and is to be a company of the Lord’s people on this earth which represents the overthrow of Satan’s power, in his destruction of oneness, fellowship, relatedness, co-operation, and this bringing into view of the absolute Lordship and sovereign Headship of Jesus Christ.

T. Austin-Sparks

Ron Halverson

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