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 Kansas City-area church members dress like Jesus

[b]Kansas City-area church members dress like Jesus[/b]

(AP) — Just in time for Christmas, hundreds of people in the Kansas City area have committed to dress like Jesus in the days leading to the holiday, in what they say is an answer to a widening secularization of the season.

Members of Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship began showing up at their jobs, shopping malls and restaurants last week dressed in flowing robes and crowns of thorns as a hard-to miss reminder of the holiday’s religious roots.

Now the idea is generating interest in other states after video of Jesus-clad shoppers was posted on YouTube. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Kansas City-area church members dress like Jesus

Well, I didn't see any of those people. :-) I hope none of them were acting out. :-? For the record I'll probably still wear jeans and a sweater (jersey) next year. ;-)

Robert Wurtz II

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