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 Powerful Testimony - The Hell Fire Club?

The Hell Fire Club?

(edited from Spurgeon's sermon, #950
"Means for Restoring the Banished" )

Mr. Thorpe was a member of an 'infidel' club.
In those days infidelity was more blasphemous
than now. This infidel society took the name of
the "Hell Fire Club". Among their amusements
was that of holding imitations of religious
services, and exhibiting mimicries of popular

Thorpe went to hear George Whitfield preach,
that he might caricature him before his profane
associates. He listened to Whitfield so carefully
that he caught his tones and his manner, and
somewhat of his doctrines.

When the "Hell Fire Club" met to see his caricature
of Whitfield, Thorpe opened the Bible that he might
take a text to preach from it after the manner of
Whitfield. His eye fell on the passage, "Except you
repent, you shall all likewise perish." As he spoke
upon that text he was carried beyond himself, lost
all thought of mockery, spoke as one in earnest,
and was the means of his own conversion!

He was carried by the force of truth beyond his
own intention, like one who would play in a river,
and is swept away by its current.

Even the scoffer may be reached by the arrows of truth!
Scripture has often been the sole means in the hands
of its divine Author of converting the soul.

"For the Word of God is full of living power. It is
sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into
our innermost thoughts and desires. It exposes
us for what we really are." Hebrews 4:12

(After his amazing conversion, Thorpe became a
noted preacher of the gospel. This is the most
amazing conversion I have ever heard of. -editor)

Abraham Juliot

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 Re: Powerful Testimony - The Hell Fire Club?

What a testimony! Can God outwit us? He certainly can.

We need modern day testimonies such as this. I certainly don't want these sorts of conversions to be things of the past.

I remember mine so vividly and want others to experience such sound salvations.


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KathleenP wrote:
What a testimony! Can God outwit us? He certainly can.

We need modern day testimonies such as this. I certainly don't want these sorts of conversions to be things of the past.

I remember mine so vividly and want others to experience such sound salvations.

Are you willing to start by sharing your testimony of coming to Christ? Maybe this should be a different thread? I think it would be great if the moderators would create a new category only for personal testimonies. Then all the regulars and visitors here could share theirs once in that location. Surely conversion testimonies are a part of revival.

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Yes, dear saint, I'll share as briefly as possible my coming to Christ.

I was raised in a traditional New England catholic household where abuse prevailed both physically and verbally. It was hidden under the cloak of faithful church attendance and an understanding to keep all secret. Who would believe what took place in our household anyhow and I was warned that no one would believe me as well.

I always longed to know God and the frightening statues and ominous confessional booth were no sign that He loved me or anyone else for that matter.

My years were a continual search but I was becoming laden with the sins of my youth and truly feared judgment. I had a strong respect for the ten commandments and at the age of eighteen, I had an abortion and knew I had broken them all. I was terrified of dying with this stain upon my soul and was certain that there was an answer somewhere.

I had finally obtained a bible which I had been forbidden to read, but although I believed it to be "holy", I just couldn't understand it which added to my desperation.

When I thought there would be no answer, and my sleep was being robbed, I remembered a young man that would come in the store where I worked and whose face beamed and spoke of Jesus with such love. Everyone warned me that he was off the wall and to stay away from him,but somehow I knew that someone that loved God so much must certainly have the answer I needed.

I opened the phonebook and searched for him by name but all the people with his last name were not named Michael. I did not care at that point of whom I might bother at that time of night. When God has brought you to this point, you will not rest until you have made peace.

I picked out the first number to call randomly. Maybe these people would know who he was. It happened to be his parents house and he, of course, was there.

I had no idea what to say so I simply told him I wanted to know about God and heaven and Jesus. I was a pitiful sinner at my wits end.

It was November 7, 1981 and we took a seven mile bike ride around the beach and in the Maine cold. He talked on and on and I soaked it all in as one that hadn't known such truths could ever be explained. I felt, now that I think of it, as the queen of Sheba before Solomon.

I woke up the next morning and everything was clean. I had truly found the meaning of life! The sky was an exquisite blue and the colors so vivid. I had been reborn.

And best of all, was His word come alive by the Holy Spirit. I read and read as the Lord instructed me and washed me. I had a proper example of this dear brother and this is the best advice to the babes, to desire the sincere milk of the Word to grow thereby.

Many many trials. Rejected by my family and friends and no longer considered entertaining and "cool". Oh, how I thank Him for bearing me up during the hard times as even now.

So, this is a brief account of my salvation. Old things past and all things made new. This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Blessings


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Cool story. Glad you took the time to post it. I enjoyed reading it.

Mike Jones

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Thankyou Mjones


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