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RebeccaF wrote:
Thanks for letting me share.

I feel like you have thanked me for letting you come into your own home. :-)

Humor aside, thanks for sharing. We have a world and church that is off track.

I had an experience not too long ago that I will mention; I hope it is not taken wrong. Ephesians supports what you are doing when it says as children of the light we should expose the deeds of darkness. But this particular day, God seemed to emphasize the positive side of that passage where it specifically says, 'live as children of the light'.

This that I am about to share, I think God initiated for the occasion. Over time it is as if He has chosen to use the light to draw, more so, than to expose. Again, both have their place.

I was with friends for the first time in about a year. We are all Christian, but I had been through a testing fire that they had not been through, and as a result, my interests had changed.

As we sat visiting, I became aware of the change. I remember thinking as we sat there, that I wanted there to be more noticeable change in me than the things I no longer did. I wanted them to see life that was noticeably different. This poem is the essence of the prayer I prayed that day.

A Different Path

We’re called to walk a different path
than those who do not know;
should effect the things we do and say
and places that we go.

But if we go and do and say
the same as most of them,
we’re not the light that we should be;
instead, we just blend in.

Help us Lord to be the light
and salt that we should be;
not to point at all the faults,
instead, the good to see.

Enrich our lives on this different path
more than what we don’t do;
fill us with good that other’s may see
and be drawn by it to You.


Mike Jones

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