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 If you feel led.....


I came home this afternoon to a broken pipe. Seems that the hot water line pulled out from one of the connections underneath my home. There was water everywhere. After much prayer and work my husband was able to get it repaired. And I am very thankful for that. I am asking though that if you feel led please pray that my husband does not get sick from being wet in the cold for so long and that the repair job will hold until next spring when my darling hubby will have to go back under and replace the entire line from our kitchen to our bathroom. It was just to cold, wet, and snowing to do that big of job right now.
My husband was thankful to Father that at least this happened during the day and not in the middle of the night. It would have been much more difficult at night to repair because we are getting down to the single digit temps.

Any way thanks for letting me share this with you.

God Bless

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 Re: If you feel led.....

Dear MaryJane,

It will be a pleasure to pray for you and your husband.

Years ago, when we were living in a van in Brooklyn, NY, the fuel sending unit was bad and we were not able to tell how much gas was in the tank. It was winter and the streets were snow covered. My husband was unable to fix the problem until the gas ran out (because the tank was too heavy to handle when it had any gas in it). It happened to run empty on a freezing, snowy day. He worked as fast as he could and managed to drop the gas tank and put the new sending unit in place in record time. While he was working under the van, I was inside praying for him. He suffered no after effects. Plus, we now have this blessing to remember when other troubles come. I kept a journal throughout all our travels and during trying times I would read back over them and see the times God touched us and carried us through. This has been a priceless tool having that journal. Page after page filled with answered prayers and His marvelous support - for without His support we would surely have died many times over.

I didn't mean to hijack your thread, MaryJane, I just see a parallel in our lives and felt a need to expand upon it. What a gift from God it is to have a husband that can fix things. Of course, it is a bigger blessing to hear them say they could fix nothing without Jesus' giving them the ability.

I will pray for his well being but I feel he is in good hands under your care and nurturing.

Keep us posted on how he does and the repair job.

warm regards, white stone


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MJ... 'tis the season, my sister. We had an appliance go belly up on us yesterday. Had plans to get a bunch of things done to get ready for Christmas and our trip to GA to see inlaws this coming weekend... and ended up spending the entire day working on that appliance. Got it fixed tho, I am happy to report.

I'll be praying for your hubby. Cold doesnt make you sick... viruses and germs make you sick. So my prayer is that he has not been exposed to anything that the cold might exaserbate. (not sure I spelled that right!)


 2008/12/23 7:39

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 Re: Praying for all things

Dear Sister,

Read this last night and my heart went out to you both, that natural sort of inarticulate kind of prayer. How wonderful that you would bring this here to ask of us for your husbands sake.

Short of the snow I can absolutely relate being at some level a contractor\handy man for many years, still doing the occasional side job ... I can tell you that I prayed a [i]lot[/i] over repairs - Plumbing and electrical especially - Once those walls go up that contain them, leaks and those possibilities of short circuits and the like. I couldn't begin to recount all the many strange 'coincidences' where things held together, got unjammed or were some wisdom came out of nowhere to mitigate something I had no prior experience with. There is nothing to seeming little to pray over, of course this is not little in the least - I guess just that tendency that we often have for comparing everything with greater issues ...

White_Stone, yours too. How wonderful this;

While he was working under the van, I was inside praying for him.

It seems so simple, so matter of course, but I do not think we know the half of it, how much help it truly is ... [i]under your care and nurturing.[/i] Think that is what I am drawing off of, just what this means to us men.

Mike Balog

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Ahhh... yes, working on cars. If ever there was a possibility of losing my salvation it would happen while working on vehicles! I can't tell you how many wrenches I've whipped across the garage. I've learned to take my time tho because the more frustrated I become the more parts I break... and the more trips to AutoZone I have to make... and the more $$ the repair costs.

Working on my wife's van is the worst. I have big hands and it's hard to get at anything. There have been many times I've had my sweet wife come out and help because she can get her hands and arms into places where I can't.

You practically have to dismantle the front end and pull the engine out just to change the spark plugs. My 1981 Ford F-150 is a dream to work on compared to that Chrysler Town & Country! Same can be said for my Jeep Cherokee.

If you want God to build patience into your life... work on a vehicle.


 2008/12/23 9:12

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Hi Krispy, I can relate to your auto repair woes. I manage an Aamco Transmissions shop for the past 15 years, and although I don't work on the cars I see and hear alot of frustration. :-?

Alan Taylor

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Amen... I learned to cuss when I was kid listening to my dad and my grandpa work on their cars!


 2008/12/23 10:43

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