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On a more personal note that is why I choose not to hang around here any more.

Sad commentary. Miss your input ZekeO after all these years - I do understand though ...

There is something rather pathetic about a post with this sort of title. Not pathetic in cruel, mean spiritedness, but in justifying poor behavior and rude conduct. Simple guidelines cannot be followed, requests are ignored, conduct and character away to the wind, but he has a point ...

Well, no, there is no point when the glaring attributes swallow up anything that is attempted to be peddled here. Even this much patience - Operating under two different member names (Giving the benefit of the doubt to Lonny, Whisperer knows the other).

To come in here and abuse this place, to do as one pleases is the height of audacity, haughtiness and pride.

Apologies to Robert and to the subject at hand - Never was there some fallacious understanding that a mere conference was some sort of Revival in a bucket, that one could just dispense out of at will. It was a conference [i]about[/i] revival, [i]on[/i] revival .. It is ridiculous to have to go these lengths.

There is no defending this sort of character and disregard.


Mike Balog

 2008/12/19 9:06Profile

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