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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : The Greenock Conference - Was it irrelevent?

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 Re: again received by Private email

Dear Brother,

Lest you become discouraged, please remember that there is a big difference between an opinion and an informed opinion.

Most Americans suffer from opinionitis with no true knowledge. Humility is lacking in our failing country. As we sink spiritually our arrogance abounds. Everyone thinks they should speak regardless of intelligence, experience, understanding or knowledge. Most are not saved. They walked down an aisle and were told that they are going to heaven.

The bible wasn't written in English or originated in America. Most people never consider that truth. It's all about the cash.

Enjoy Him Forever!

It's like that bumper sticker "Jesus Love You...But, I'm His Favorite". How shocking it will be in His presence to see who He actually selected and what His original intent is. People on that site need to get a life and perhaps a job.

I'm sure my thoughts will cause a few angry opinions. You are loved by the most high!

 2008/12/18 11:54


I am sincere. i donlt know the brother or his heart.

I heard his semron and saw his delivery. THEY WERE WEIRD. No, I mean that sincerely.

 2008/12/18 11:56

Joined: 2006/7/5
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Perhaps if you described "how" it was weird and why.

Eating sushi and whale blubber is weird for me, but in Japan sushi is perfectly normal, and in Alaska so is whale blubber. Because it's weird to me doesn't mean that something is wrong with it. Your pronouncement that it was weird is coming off as a judgment that it was wrong.

Jeremy Hulsey

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2008/12/18 11:58Profile

 Re: Jed Clampett

Is he a present cultrual icon? Would people know who Jed Clampett was? How about Oor Wille? Hmmm....maybe you need to go and sit on a bucket brother and meditate a little more abut cultural relevenace......

 2008/12/18 11:59


I don't think it was a case of right or wrong. Most Scots would have thought our brother had stepped out of the local looney bin. It was bizarre!

 2008/12/18 12:01

 Re: My typing

I am a memner of the D.N.A.

the National Dyslexic Association.

so no matter how hard I try, soemtimes my eloquence eludes me.

 2008/12/18 12:03

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Nottingham, England



May I ask, why did you go to the conference?

 2008/12/18 12:06Profile

Joined: 2006/7/5
Posts: 640


I don't think it was a case of right or wrong. Most Scots would have thought our brother had stepped out of the local looney bin. It was bizarre!

Ok, this begs a couple of questions from me. If it was out of the normal for a Scot, then was he wrong in his delivery, or his message? Was his view of Holy Scripture not compatable with Scot culture? (yes, my questions are leading I'll confess, but they are sincere and mean no harm.)

And finally, this question got buried a few pages back....How do you define revival? and how is what you define opposed to what took place in Greenock?

Jeremy Hulsey

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2008/12/18 12:09Profile


Ok Whispering,

You talked about cultural relevence, you mentioned it, and yet you say that you are using humor as a literary device. A literary device is used to convey a message, is it not? Yet you are using British humor, which is always very irreverant, to most of the people on this forum who could not be expected to understand it. Should you not, as Paul did on Mars Hill, address the audience in a manner that they could understand?

And brother, I quoted those Scriptures because I could not "feel the love," coming from you. Perhaps I am wrong, but you seem to be taking pleasure in making people angry? Am I wrong? Are you deliberatly trying to lead people into sin?

Even if you have good points to make, your cynicism and anger will always nullify them. Its the Truth in love that is powerful, the truth itself can be used to deliberately destroy people. There is and always has been in the Church, a "Shimeien spirit." (my phrase) We do well never to fall into that category, or if we are on the receiving end of it, we respond in like manner as David Frank

2Sa 16:13 And David and his men went by the highway. And Shimei went along on the hillside over across from him, and cursed as he went, and threw stones at him, and threw dust.

 2008/12/18 12:09

 Re: Why I went to Greenock

I love the sermons of
Some of the old stuff is just unbeatable (in my opinion.) I am a preacher, I am driven by the annointing and the gifting as well as the calling. I also deal in the art of communicating. (see my new book - The Preaching Driven Church - advance copies available for just 12.99) :-) (Oh come on crack a smile!

So, I went to observe and be around, and learn from the best of the best. Also, our church has a 'fight club' for aspiring preachers and we use sermon index as a resource very regularly. My perosnal favourite and mentor is Dr. J Vernon McGee....(give it up folks for JVM and Thru The Bible Mnistries! Yeeeehah!... I think he would have ripped the speakers at Greenock to shreds!)

I have just taken on my new charge and the first 5 months have been pretty exhausintg and I received an invitation to go there with a good friend of mine. We had free acomodation in Stirling. So off I went. I went to get blessed. Get rested, get fired up and also, meet with God.

I came away dissapointed..

I live in a post Christian nation. I live in the Laodicean church age. I live with blindeness in the church. I live with an absence of the Holy Spirit in my land. He is not convicting of sin, righteous and judgement to come. We are destitute, we are under judgement, we are going to hell in a handbag. I live and work on the front line and I have NO DOUBT that without revival, REAL REVIVAL, that in a matter of years, I shall be in jail for my faith and this nation shall be an Islamic state. I have no time for rubbish either from lakeland or greenock and NO TIME for Christians who peddle it and call it a revival from God.

I am seeking a true Revival. Why dd you go?

 2008/12/18 12:22

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