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 Spanish Bible? Which One?

This is information on the RVG Spanish Bible, and it's great affects on reaching the lost and winning souls in Paraguay, and compares the RVG to other Spanish Bibles.

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Spanish Bible Issue
Please take time to read the article on the RVG Gomez, the Spanish Bible Issue. This article is why I believe the RVG Gomez to be God's Word to the Spanish Speaking people.

written by Mike Wilps Missionary to Paraguay South America.

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The Spanish Bible Which one should you use?? 1602,1865,1909,1960??

Mi Testimonio Sobre El Uso De La Biblia Reina Valera Gómez por Misionero Ulises Velázquez

My name is Mike Wilps Missionary to Paraguay South America. We have been here almost 2 years now and God is blessing. We have started a Church in the city of Villeta and working on our second work. We have men Called by God to preach the Gospel. I really Believe with all of my heart all of this is because of God and His Word the RVG "Gomez." It has never been easier to win souls to Christ, the doctrine of hell has never been clearer, Saved Paraguayan men have never been so passionate for Christ and His Word. “I have personally used other Spanish Bibles in the pulpit, but not any longer. I am now convinced that the RVG is the Word of God for the Spanish speaking people.”

There is a lot of confusion today about which Spanish bible should be used. The spanish Bible issue is a very important topic, and I believe the proof listed in the article above will help you in your decison.

Most bible believing churches have heard mainly about four different Spanish versions of the Reina-Valera the 1602, 1865, 1909 and 1960. Even though there are many other versions. Which of these Spanish bibles are correct? Which Spanish bible should all Spanish speaking people and ministries use? Which Spanish bible is true to the textus receptus and mazoretic texts which our blessed King James Bible came from?


[[url=]The "Link Above"--BIBLE][/url]

For more detailed information on the RVG Gomez and why we believe it to be the Word of God for the Spanish speaking people please click on the link above.

This comparrison chart on hell is one of the reasons why I use the RVG and could NOT use 1602,1865,1909,1960 and all others.I believe with my heart if you truley read the article above and study this chart about hell you will understand why we stand for the RVG.

Chart about the word Hell in the 1602,1865,1909,1960 and RVG Spanish Bibles
[url=]Chart about Hell in the 1602, 1865, 1909, 1960 and RVG Bible[/url]

Spanish articles from various Christians on the Spanish Bible Issue

[url=]38 Reason I do not support the 1960[/url]

[url=]Should the Reina Valera Gomez Bible be called Reina Valera Gomez?[/url]

[url=]Verse Comparisons of the Reina Valera Bibles[/url]

[url=]I Support the RVG Because of It's Base Text[/url]

[url=]Spanish Bible, Which one should you use?? 1602, 1865, 1909, 1960?[/url]

10 Simple reasons why no Spanish Speaking Christian should use the corrupt Reina-Valera 1960[/url]

[url=]100 Reasons to Love the RVG[/url]

[url=]Answer to the Critics of the RVG Spanish Bible[/url]

[url=]Why The Spanish RVG is a Blessing[/url]


Walter :-)

 2008/12/16 21:09

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 Re: Spanish Bible? Which One?

God's Word to the Spanish Speaking people.

If a person is completely bilingual in Spanish and English, what version should he read?

The KJV or RVG? And why?

Josh Parsley

 2008/12/16 22:01Profile

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