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 Internet Site Blocking


This was issue was raised by a Christian brother in another forum on the web and I think its a great prayer and discussion item, it does certainly concern me. I have personally known a friend who has his site revoked from google just because of policaly correct statements on the site. After removing them it was put back up.


It has been reported in the UK news this week that BT (British Telecommunications plc) has imposed a block on access to various pornographic sites (particularly child porn sites). Because their Internet service is one of the largest in the UK, this has denied access to a sizeable proportion of the population, which can only be good, especially as these sites are illegal and (I think) it is against British law to even download material from these sites. I'm sure we would all agree that the sooner every paedophile is caught and brought to justice, the better!

So the mechanism is in place to block public access to sites of the ISP's choosing. That's fine in the above context as long as that is as far as it goes. On the other hand, are we going to enter an era where sites get blocked simply because they are not "politically correct" in the world's eyes? If this happens, then we as Christians could certainly be restricted in the amount of Gospel material that we are able put on the net in the future.

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