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Hi NotMe...

The Scriptures are unambiguous in this matter: he who denies that Jesus is the Christ is Antichrist. Saying that "Jesus Christ is a messiah but there also are other paths to salvation (the Muslim, the Buddhist, etc.)" means you are talking about another Jesus, not the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the spirit of the Antichrist at work in President Bush, for no man moved by the HOLY SPIRIT can say such a blasphemous thing. "And he who doesn't have the Spirit of Christ is none of His." A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. But from a bad tree you can certainly expect bad fruit.

I agree that what the President said was wrong. Yet is this what we are called to do? Is there no room for error here? What if the President said words that he didn't really mean so as to avoid controversy. It doesn't make his words right (not at all) and is still a lie. Yet are we supposed to concentrate on HIM or on his words? It seems like those who focus on this are worried that people are placing faith in him, when to most of his voters, they are keenly aware that he is just a man (bound to every flaw).
The President may truly consider himself to be Christian (although I can doubt even that on some accounts), but his "Christianity", no matter whether its profession is genuine or pretended, is of another type. A partial truth is a lie.

This is what I am concerned with. Do you think that it is your job to make such a judgment? Are you so perfect in your mouth and mind that you can make such a judgment about someone else's words? What if his words were just the result of being caught "off guard" by a question that was meant to trap or create a controversy by a hostile media? I just can't understand why so many people are concentrating on the man...rather than his words. We act as though his words are not just a sometimes unreliable output of his heart -- but the truth of who he is spiritually. Yes, the Scriptures say that "out of the mouth flows the abundance of the heart" -- but this isn't always accurately demonstrated. Sometimes, our mouths say things that aren't completely registered in our brains or hearts.

I know individuals -- believers -- who seem to wholeheartedly love the Lord, yet fail in one area or another. I know a guy who struggles with lust. He admits to this when he calls me on the phone. Should I react and publicize his failure and his status as a wretched sinner? Or should I do my best to restore him gently? My question here regards the manner in which we are treating the President. I seriously doubt any of us know him personally. Yet we act as though we know him well -- well enough to suppose that what he said is what he really means or believes. And it seems as though we feel "perfect" enough with our own tongues as to feel the liberty to not just attack the words (which were obviously wrong), but to publicly suppose the spiritual condition of the man's heart.

What if the President regrets his words? What if he thought that they were a poor choice? What if he repented for them (just like each of us have repented in the past for the things that we have said)? What if he said these things after being tempted to make "peace" amongst the Muslims, Hindus, etc...? It doesn't make his words right (not in the least), but it does change how we treat the man. Yet we don't know what motivated his words...or what he really believes...or if he regretted or repented of his words. Yet we act as though we know the eternal condition of his soul.

This is what bothers me. It also bothers me that those who supposedly don't concern themselves with the affairs of this world seem to be the ones who are the most engrossed by this. Perhaps some of us who are so concerned could write a letter to the President and ask him to clarify his words (or to just share the Good News to him). Just a thought.

May the Lord lead us to react as He would react.


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There is much of a review of Mr. Bush's actions here.

 2008/12/20 11:08

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thanks old joe, great site.Just imagine if everyone found out this stuff about one of us and we professed to be a christian, you would say i really wasn't a christian by my works, according to jesus's own words, by their fruits you shall know them.

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