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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Total Depravity -- Is there a difference between what the Calvinistic & Arminians teach?

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Just a note so I won't be accused of trying to stir the Calvinist/Arminian debate. The reason for this thread and for these questions is I am studying the atonement and I am planning on writing an article on 4 views of the atonement (Satisfaction, Ransom, Penal Substitution, Moral Governmental theories) and I was wanting to note the differences between each and to lay out why each group holds to their view on the atonement (Rorman Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxed, Calvinist, Arminian).

Hi Bob,

I appreciate this disclaimer, but I think it's time we lay this thread to rest. There's just too much potential in it to stir up a new Cal/Arm debate. I know this isn't your purpose - and I believe you. We really need to start getting away from concocting threads and posts that mention terms like "Arminian" or Calvinist" or hint at either defending or tearing apart TULIP and/or Free Will.

You are welcome to start a new thread on the different views of the atonement, provided it doesn't turn into camp warfare; if your aim is to exalt one particular theory and invite a disputatious reckoning of it, that thread too will most likely be locked.

Use careful discretion. This is all I ask.

This thread is locked.

Paul Frederick West

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