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 The Spirit is drawing us near!!

Does anyone else feel it? The heart of Christ is so tender toward His bride right now. I just feel such a drawing toward Him. It's nothing I'm doing, it's all Him! Everytime I feel condemed, it's like I hear His voice saying "Just come to me. I love you, you're perfected in Me." I've never felt more secure of His love toward me before. I don't even know how to explain what I'm feeling, but I know that I know HE LOVES ME!! I've tried to tell the Lord in prayer how awful and sinful I am, but it's like He'll hear nothing of it. He just wants to tell me how much He loves me!

Belive me, I know I'm awful and sinful and could spend 1000 years trying to get right and never could except for Jesus! His blood has washed and covered me and I am beautiful ad radient because of His sacrafice!! What a merciful and woderful God we serve! Praise His holy name!


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 Re: The Spirit is drawing us near!!

>>>Does anyone else feel it? The heart of Christ is so tender toward His bride right now. I just feel such a drawing toward Him.

Yes I would have to say the last four months have been very good for me and a time or drawing near to the Lord. It is wonderful to not be under condemnation for our past sins! Glory glory glory!

Bob Mutch

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I am crucified with Christ, and I am no longer to live, but Christ lives in me, and the life that I now live in this body, I live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me

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 Re: The Spirit is drawing us near!!

Dear tinluke

Didn’t John say, “God is Love”? I think John, more than anyone I know, knows the Love of God, Divine Love. Like a Love that cannot be refused.

People are shy about describing this because words are so hard to come up with. (Even I resisted this post until I woke at 4 am today.) I think some, lacking words, hide this truth in music. Nonetheless, there are several reports of the Spirit of God working in this way individually and corporately in revival. I recall one man describing waves of Divine Love washing through him. Others have said, “swimming in Love, a Love that lifts you up.” In Greenock an older man may have referred to this, very briefly, during a time of testimony. Dr. K. Neill Foster, who I believe entered into the 1970-71 revival in Canada, wrote a book called Revolution of Love that may be of interest to you. I found it on

Oh yes, embrace what has embraced you tinluke. A Love that will not let you go. In His Love .... Joan

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 Re: The Spirit is drawing us near!!

What a breath of fresh air.

His Love changes us from glory to glory, it frees us from fear.
It truly is His nature, to set us free.
I am sensing His awesome Love also.

Love in CHRIST tom

Tom weighill

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Ohio, USA

 Re: The Spirit is drawing us near!!

I have been feeling pressed in three areas of my life:

1) Church - things haven't been good here. Some poor doctrine being taught. Worship has been very, very weak.

2) Work - A lot of pressure due to alot of projects I'm involved with.

3) Economy - Expenses > Income.

I have been telling my wife that the Lord is telling me that we must lose our joy of Lord. Fix our eyes one Him. Love Him with everthing.

Well, I remembered a sermon from Ravenhill talking about just going before the Lord to just worship Him. No request of Him. On Sunday night, I did that. It was wonderful. Just me, with bible & mp3 player, lying on the living room floor.

I have peace, joy, strength, & confidence in my Lord.

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i went to a christmas pagent at a church I do not normally attend this last Friday and had an experience like this. I did not want to go at all. The church is one of the larger churches in my county and they, while better than some, are not very solid in regards to doctrine and theology. I guess I was judgemental in thinking that their offering to God would not be honoring or worthy to be presented to God. I wanted nothing to do with it.

While there, the Spirit of God changed my heart as soon as the first song started playing. I remember during the first three songs of the presentation being in complete and utter surrender to God. I had an overwhelming feeling to lay prostrate on the floor before God. The only thing I could utter was, "I'm not deserving".

It was peculiar that I had that urge (which I did not follow through on) because I tend to be very "conservative". I have no doubt it was the Spirit of God drawing me nearer to Him.

Oh what glory I can not fathom of what we will witness in the days to come.

Ben Fuehrer

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Oh what glory I can not fathom of what we will witness in the days to come.

Oh, praise the Lord!

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