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 MUST WATCH: Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer


This video clip of 10 minutes is a must watch. Oh may we live in the reality of the words brother paul is saying. Christ is everything!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2008/12/8 10:24Profile

 Re: MUST WATCH: Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer

Amen to brother Paul's words! Wow. I'm so grateful for his faithfulness to preach the truth of Scripture with a passion and fervency that causes you to stop and realize the reality of what he is saying, and how short our lives often fail of living like this.

 2008/12/8 10:41

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Thank you Greg! That was awesome!

Paul W. Lamicela

 2008/12/8 11:25Profile

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 Re: MUST WATCH: Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer

Thankyou very much for that it was brilliant - I absoloutly needed to hear that.

Alan Woodray

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Glory be to God!

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 Re: MUST WATCH: Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer

Greg, Thank you for posting that, I have been truly blessed by Paul Washer.
Larry D

Larry K. Dammerman

 2008/12/11 23:23Profile

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Stoke on Trent UK


Oh that "I" would truly walk like that!
But honesty compells me to say that although he is spot on, "I" have so much stinking pride that I fear to walk in it. God help me and anyone who is honest enough to admit it. I yearn for, long to, desire to walk that way, but stinking pride only lets me go little by little. I walk thus far! HE is THE ALL in ALL, THE LORD, THE GREAT I AM, THE ONLY GOD, There is none Greater, I jealously worship HIM as I should in Spirit and Truth, BUT!!!! I do not do, I do not walk, I do not live, "as I should," Daily I get closer to the point where I will, but stinking pride makes excuses! Have you been here? have you failed? have you won through, or does honesty compell you to say that you too are in the same place. This kind of preaching is really only milk, but we find it hard to swallow, many even find it bitter or sour. This is how far we are from real christianity. Oh GOD revive us, bring us back to that place where YOU are indeed LORD of ALL to us Amen Amen and Amen

Owen Beynon

 2008/12/12 12:38Profile

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It is truly a blessing to have someone like Paul Washer out there.
My everything...
What you believe is what's on your mind. What's in your life.

One thing that conserns me though is that I see the possibility for the "religious folk" who hear this message to take it the wrong way and strive to give Jesus more of their life.
THis only promotes more of our own effort from "the self."
From his sermon, though I'm possitive that this is not Washers intention, people may say to themselves "oh! I have not given my everything! I should dedicate more of my life to Jesus. I should repent."
No. But no matter how hard we strive, as long as the protractor needle is on me and what I have to do to achieve what the Bible says, we are on the wrong path.
To give him everything means to die by faith with Jesus Christ and to live by faith in the Jesus that LIVES IN ME! It means to give that one thing that my heart does not want to give, such as my family, spouse, hoose, rights, job, or the reluctance to be a missionary, giving it all to him. To let go of everything with that I had hold of, and to give it all to the hands of Jesus...
Can't find the right words to experss and it would take too long to write the whole process..
But hope some of you understand how to die on the cross. It is not by slashing yourself and trying to nail yourself on the cross.. But only by faith can you die with Jesus on calvary.
Giving Jesus our efforts will do no good.

Many will confuse this and say "you mean you will just sit there with no effort and live sinfully?" no, we have been crucified with Christ how can we live in sin any longer!
But it is no longer me that is living this life, but Jesus who lives in me by faith!
We have been sanctified not by our efforts (by law) but by faith in Jesus!

It took me quite of bit of wandering to finally realize that the Christian life is not live by effort but by faith. I would strive so hard to be like him, to have no evil thoughts in my heart.. But I couldn't. I could change my actions, but my heart would be proud, judgemental, condming others.. I would pray, fast, read the bible to get rid of all these foolish thoughts, but it wouldn't work...
And then I realized that Jesus christ came here not to make me a better person, but to bring an end to me and my effort, and now for Jesus to live in me.

We have a wrong preception of faith..
Because of all those word of faith preachers..
But look at how much Paul talks about faith.
Faith is not making this that I dream of intro reality,
or believing in something that I assume to be true,
but faith is saying that what is true, although not visibile, is true.
We have died with Christ. This is not visible, but is an undeniable truth. As I have faith in this FACT and Jesus who lives in me...

Ephesians 3:17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith!!!!!!!

This is such a great mystery..
It was not my intention to write about this, but anyway..
Have some of you expereinced this?
IT would be great to share the expereince of Truth!
Yes, we always live by the word, but we do find that when we live by the word, God gives us the grace to actually expereince it.
We will not base our selves on expereinces, but if we say we live by the word but have no expereince of truth, then... maybe our faith is nothing but mind control and not grounded in sound truth.

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 Re: MUST WATCH: Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer

I keep this video as my status on Yahoo Messenger most of the day lately and I've posted it on my facebook for everyone to see.

Troy A Lasseigne

 2008/12/19 1:20Profile

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 Re: MUST WATCH: Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer

Mighty! Humbling to listen to.

 2008/12/19 8:13Profile

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