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 Muslim Pilgrimage, you must check this out brethren


I sent you all this link because this is one of the things that is culmenating before our eyes in relation to the religious community.

As soon as I saw this I began to ask God our Father what is this at it's essence.

In my spirit I received this I believe from the spirit,
These muslims are on their pilgrimage, they are fasting and praying and seeking the God of Abraham just as we are, he is their father also in that regard.

We Christians are also suppose to be seeking our God with seal and npo avail but to see His glory erupt and , but this is what is taking place, we are sitting back doing basically nothing in general, but prosperity , endless sinfulness of not seeking, not longing for as the heart does after the waterbrook, but they are getting what they are vieing for.

They want God's presence, and they are getting what they are seeking after

[url=;_ylt=Aql3eNp__iJfi9ocF_3A1SlvaA8F]Muslim hajj pilgrimage culminates on Mt. Arafat[/url]

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 Re: Muslim Pilgrimage, you must check this out brethren

You observations are off in my view.

You said, "These muslims are on their pilgrimage, they are fasting and praying and seeking the God of Abraham just as we are, he is their father also in that regard."

Not so. The god portrayed in the quran is not the true God of Abraham and christians.

"They want God's presence, and they are getting what they are seeking after"

Not so. It is NOT Gods presence that they are recieving. At best it is fleshly excitment, at worst it is demonic.

God bless, John

 2008/12/7 19:31

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Chants of "at thy service, my God, at thy service," reverberated through the valley as the pilgrims stood to pray for God's forgiveness in the most spiritual moment of the entire pilgrimage.

This is simply religious man trying to be justified before God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Please brethren, i am in no way attempting to be misportrayed or misunderstood,

they are the descendents of Abraham, they have promises also, they are also seekers, people, creatures also, God loves and cares for them also, But...................

Whether we see it as fleshy or not, they are being rewarded with what they seek....

Yes they miss Christ, yes they miss it all, but God, the Ancient of Days, through His divine providential and Soveriegn mercy has times, appointments for the entirety of humanity....

Please do not misunderstand, I am telling you all what fell in my spirit, you can't write just becasue they do not worship or believe the Messianic prophecies, The Ancient One has a plan and a day of appointment.

Observe how they have arisen in number and strenght as a religion, and look at how we Chrisitians has bowed out deceptively and cowardly to them, to this petty Christianity we claim to uphold.

Pilgrimage, many of us would grimace, cry, complain, and probably take a backpack full of sandwhiches with us to the pilgrimage because we are weak these days and SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW to believe.

My admission of the thread topic was to simply provoke us to thought....

What do we have that they would want?

What are our vital signs in this day & Age?

May God bless us and help us in these last & evil days.

The Fire

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The Fire,

It is not at all unusual for those involved in cults to shame Christians with their devotion to their religion. The devil loves this! He will do anything to facilitate this kind of devotion to their belief system because it seems to fulfill a need in their heart to worship a 'Higher Power'.


Sandra Miller

 2008/12/7 22:21Profile

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Philadelphia PA


Hi everyone,

"What do we have that they would want?"

Voice of the Martyrs is(or was recently) offering a sample chapter of the book called 'Iran Desperate for God'. The chapter is called 'the Fanatic' and is the testimony of a young woman who was formerly a muslim and the many things she did and endured in her religon before coming to faith in Christ. The testimony also includes stories of what she is experiencing now as she has continued to follow after Christ in faith.

I don't mean to distract from the purpose of this thread but thought the testimony might be encouraging to others.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2008/12/7 22:48Profile

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toronto, ontario

 Re: Muslim Pilgrimage, you must check this out brethren

The Fire,
I can hear your concern about "christians" who lack the devotion and fervency that muslims, and other religions, display. (Note that I have put the word christians in quotation marks). I can understand that.
But as it was noted very corectly here, they ar not seeking the same God, the hevenly Father of our LORD. They are not seeking the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. Remeber, Jesus Christ, the LORD, is the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.
As for muslims, they ar seeking their god, whom their (false) prophet Mohamed, called Allah.
Brother, the christians, real, new testament christians seek their LORD day and night, and have nothing to learn from muslim's "haj" pilgrimages etc.
Again I do understand your pain and felt the same way few times myself. But I can't help but think that your post is little bit off, which is possibly caused by strong impression of massive human religious effort, vividly displayed.
May God richly bless you all, saints.

levan giorgadze

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Thank you ChrisJD, and Ginny,

No doubt about that Ginny,

but I still ask, What do we have that anyone would want?

As a people, as a people who have access to the holy Spirit n Power.....

Yes there are many of us who are seeking the power, but they aren't hiding , they aren't ashamed, but in general, We are, I have been all over the world, even the midle east though missions and travel, and we n our "petty" religion as it is described, is not described that way to mock at us in fun, but they (othrs abroad) see no evidence or effectiveness of our knowledge of the Holy as one of my favorite authors Mr Tozer opens up to us.

We have nothing that is worth dying for, that is worth crusading the world for.

You all know what I mean as I text here... This is not bad-mouthing, but the truth is to be justified here...

I pray for one another here and our brethren in places where there light is bright..

With Love all,


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Joined: 2008/11/4
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No doubt Humble, but they do not know Meshiach, they only understand from the Old testament's standpoint. He is the God of Abraham to them because they come from Abraham's loins.

That is my point, not that they know God at all, for we can't without Christ himself.....

They also have a zeal for God, but Not according to Knowledge....

One cannot know God without the beloved acceptance and mystery of Jesus Christ being revealed to one's heart...

Jesus is God Incarnate, yes bethren, we understand that, but that isn't at all my point, and forgive me if I have not effectively communicated myself.....

God Bless U all continually as we seek the High N Lofty One. We really have need of Him!

 2008/12/7 23:51Profile

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North Central Florida

 please explain:We have nothing that is worth dying for. . .

Dear Brother Fire,

Just recently I read of Christian's in Laos who were killed for their belief in Jesus. I know they had something worth dying for. You must mean something other than what you wrote. Just wait a little while, we may soon be given that very same opportunity right here in our land. I feel those days are very near and pray for all the Saint's nightly. I also pray for you all on SI.

white stone


 2008/12/8 0:16Profile

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