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 Slavery to a bad husband! by William Secker

[b]Slavery to a bad husband!/b]

(William Secker, "The Wedding Ring")

"Husbands, love your wives and do not
be harsh with them." Colossians 3:19

If the woman is a help to the man--then
let not the man cast dirt on the woman!

Secundus treated his wife like a servant! But
surely he was a monster--and not a man! He
was fitter for a tomb to bury him--than a
womb to bear him!

It is evil to play 'the butcher' with that gentle
gender, which has no arms but for embraces.
Because they are the 'weaker vessels'--shall
we break them all to pieces?

A wife must never be sharply driven--but
sweetly drawn. Compassion may bend her
--but compulsion will break her! Husband
and wife should act towards each other
with consent--not by constraint!

The husband must provide for the wife's
necessities. You must not be a drone--and
she a drudge! Many husbands waste that
money in luxury--which should supply their
wives necessity! They have neither the piety
of a true Christian--nor the love of a true
husband. It is a sad spectacle to see a wife
in slavery to a bad husband--who keeps
her under his fetters!

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