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Joined: 2008/10/9
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Ohio, USA

 Trouble by some guests

I am very troubled by some guest speakers that we have had at our church and they are coming again. Their names our John Crowder and Chris Dunn.

Here are some links:

I have spoken to our leadership about my concerns and without saying it directly, they think I'm being religious. They said they they would NOT have them again, but they didn't keep their word. My family & I don't go when they come.

Who do you think?

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Joined: 2008/10/9
Posts: 143
Ohio, USA

 Re: Trouble by some guests

They get people to imitate getting high on drugs & getting drunk. They use terms like "god-ka" instead of vodka and "toking the ghost."

They says it gets you into God's glory zone.

 2008/12/5 9:04Profile


... yea, and I say it's blasphemey to use those terms in reference to the work of the Holy Spirit. Shame on them.

You need to confront your leadership about this. I can tell you from experience that they will not listen to you, but biblically it's what you need to do.

... and then leave.


 2008/12/5 9:26

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I have recently asked a ministry to take me off of their mailing list because they were promoting John Crowder's materials.

I consider what he is doing to that which the Word says "turning the grace of God into lascivousness." This is about as carnal as is gets, and I don't understand why any pastor would let this man minister in his church if he knows what he stands for.

If the enemy can get Christians to seek after experiences, then he surely can deceive them. The reason why many moves of God have been sidetracked is because Christians have gone after the manifestations, and it became all about what makes me feel good. The presence of God was compared to a drug high, and it was even encouraged by some of the leaders to seek after being drunk in the Spirit.

I have seen that Christians that seek after these experiences are some of the most carnally minded people that you will ever meet, and are not growing spiritually.

I am not against spiritual experiences, and have experienced many manifestations of the Lord's presence, but I do not seek after these things or encourage other Christians to do so.



 2008/12/5 9:28Profile

 Re: Trouble by some unbiblical leaders without discernment.

My thinking is this: If your Shepherds do not have the discernment to see that this refuse is anti-Christ blasphemy, they are unfit to oversee the flock of God.

Leave! Depart from that fellowship today, and do not look back, or return for your coat. Ask the Father to lead you to a Body that believes that the Word of God is absolute Truth, and the only absolute truth.....and that preaches repentance from our sin Nature, and sin, and Faith toward God.....covered by the Blood of Jesus.

You need a Church where the Holy Spirit is present, and in charge, and the least of the Brothers or Sisters are honored as much as the PASTORS! Small home meetings are nice too, for they should afford you an opportunity to experience real fellowship, and also to begin to serve exercising your faith, and your gifts and ministry.

"A little yeast leavens the whole loaf of bread."

At some point, the Lord will remove His candlestick from your Church, if they continue in these deceptions. You don't want to be a part of the end of this type of so called "FAITH."

I sincerely hope for the best for you. Your soul is at risk, if you continue on this path.

 2008/12/5 9:29

Joined: 2005/11/10
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 Re: Trouble by some guests

They get people to imitate getting high on drugs & getting drunk. They use terms like "god-ka" instead of vodka and "toking the ghost." They says it gets you into God's glory zone.

Not one soul will speak like this on the day of judgment. Not one.

Except perhaps those that are cursing on their way to the lake of fire. No one who speaks like this and does not repent will be permitted to remain in the presence of God for eternity.

I agree with what has been said. State what you believe with love, humility, and clearness and then depart. Yes, get away fast. Remember what God said to Moses and the Israelites? Get away!

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Joined: 2008/4/3
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Amen and amen to all of your posts brethren. I'm so shocked right now that I don't think there would be words to describe my reaction when I viewed their blasphemous disrespect of my Jesus.

If my unsaved Mom saw them, I have an idea of what she would say. Enough said.



 2008/12/5 17:16Profile


How sad, how deeply sad to see the results of a generation raised on soulish Christianity. These guys talked about pleasure and ecstasy and fun and being whacked and it was all about them feeling good. One moment in the throne-room of God and they would recoil from all of their words, just one moment of a genuine encounter with the most Holy God. This is the rampant soul movement, the pleasure seekers, the entitlement generation, may the Lord have mercy on them...............Frank

 2008/12/5 18:15

Joined: 2008/10/25
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North Central Florida


Amen, flee from them with all haste. Do not look back, there is nothing there to see.

Praying for you and all the members of this forum (and you unregistered guests, too). Pray for God to direct your way to His paths.

Kind regards,
white stone


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Joined: 2007/10/8
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 Re: so-called "glory zone"

There are many revivals today that are false revivals, false fire.

 2008/12/6 1:15Profile

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