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 Went to a Third Day concert last night....

OK, let me say this up front... this is not a thread about Christian rock. I realize some may post their thoughts about the genre on here, thats their right.

But this is about God breaking thru my crusty heart last evening.

For my birthday my sweet wife gave me two tickets to see Third Day at the Asheville Civic Center, and the concert was last night. This band came out a year or two after I got saved, so they were basically the first Christian band I was exposed to after I dumped all of the secular music. I've always been a huge "fan". Never seen them live before.

Lately I've been really burdened down by everything that is going on in the world today. The economy is [b]really[/b] effecting my business, and I'm very concerned about the future of my family. So needless to say... I walked into the Civic Center last night with a fake smile, my wife on my arm. While the "warm up" act was on stage (Branden Heath) my mind was a million miles away.

My wife leaned over and said something about "Hey... you need to ask the Lord to speak to your heart tonight." So I got up and walked the halls a little bit, since I didnt really know who this guy on stage was anyway... and I spent that time in prayer asking God to lift this burden of worry off of me, and reveal Himself to me in a fresh way.

So... there's an intermission while the stage is set up for Third Day. Saw some friends hanging out, talked to them a bit.

Then Third Day comes on. First 20 minutes or so were rockin'... lights, smoke etc. Typical stuff. But once things settled down a little bit the real ministry started, and I have to say that every word that came out of Mac Powell's (lead singer) mouth was directed by God right to my heart.

He spoke about people coming to the show with heavy hearts and worries... and how scripture says we are to worry about nothing. Every time he spoke it was about faith and hope, not in the world, but in Christ. In a God who is bigger than any problem we might could face in this life.

God just broke my heart. The real focus of the evening was on Jesus, and how we tend to think of Him in terms of who was in scripture... the things He did in scripture... the people He touched and healed in scripture. But we miss the fact that He is alive [b]today[/b], and we need to think of Him in terms of what He is doing TODAY. He is closer than a brother, and that nothing can seperate us from His love.

How I needed to hear all of that again because I've lost that focus. I've had my eyes on the here and now, focused on ME providing, and not on God providing.

There were 4 songs they did that just made me cry... and I don't cry. It made my wife cry when she looked over and saw me crying. Kinda glad none of y'all were there to see it.

The songs were... "Thief" (about the thief on the cross... which God revealed to me is what I am), "Cry Out To Jesus" (a song about hope in the midst of trouble), "Revelation" (a song about asking God to reveal Himself and His plan because we are lost without Him), and "Love Song" (which is about the depths of God's love for me, and how we can not even fathom it)

I wont post the lyrics here, y'all can google them easy enough.

Let me just say tho that God reached down and touched me in a way I havent been touched in a long long time. It was almost like coming home again. Hard to explain.

The concert ended with an encore, and the last song was a worship song... the instruments stopped everyone was singing acapella "Worthy is the Lamb... You are holy... holy... are You Lord God, Almighty...". The lights went down and thats all you heard... thousands of voices singing those words... and when the house lights came up... the band was gone. Kinda cool cuz they ended by taking the focus off of them, and onto the Lord.

Suffice it to say, for a guy who sometimes comes off as gruff and crusty... I cried last night for the first time in a long time. It wasn't the music or the crowd... it was God answering my prayer to reveal Himself to me in a fresh way. And He did! We left there last night feeling so encouraged in our walk, encouraged in our faith.

All I can say folks is this... the economy is bad. People are hurting. It may well get much worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better. But this much I know... God loves us each of us. Nothing can seperate us from His love. And when we've been there 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun, we've no less days to sing His praise then when we first begun!



 2008/12/5 7:45

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 Re: Went to a Third Day concert last night....

May God use these times of economic hardship to tenderize hearts in preparation for receiving the Gospel.

It starts with us…the believers getting re-focused. Eyes off ourselves and on to Him; He will provide for His.

Thanks for sharing this Krispy…I needed it. This is what I was getting at with the, “who shot J.R.?” thing. I pray we all receive a good re-focusing.

Hallelujah is right.

Amen brother.


 2008/12/5 8:15Profile


Right on, TJ.

One thing Mac Powell said last night was that atheism seems to be on the rise today, and the old saying that "Christianity is a crutch" is becoming popular again. Christianity is for people who are not strong enough to get thru life on their own.

He said "Ya know what? They're right. But I don't need a crutch... I need 4 ambulances, a stretcher and a great big hospital building!"

Amen to that... I know exactly how he feels.


 2008/12/5 8:24

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 Re: Went to a Third Day concert last night....

God is awesome.

I am praying for you KrispyKrittr.


 2008/12/5 8:35Profile

 Re: Went to a Third Day concert last night....

Thanks for sharing that Krispy.

 2008/12/5 8:41

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 Re: Went to a Third Day concert last night....

the instruments stopped everyone was singing acapella "Worthy is the Lamb... You are holy... holy... are You Lord God, Almighty...". The lights went down and thats all you heard... thousands of voices singing those words... and when the house lights came up... the band was gone. Kinda cool cuz they ended by taking the focus off of them, and onto the Lord.

Krispy, God bless you bro. Contrary to your comment I would have been glad beyond words to share tears with you, there is all the difference in the world between sentiment and pathos.

To me, there is something thrilling and chilling even in acapella - I know Paul West has made similar note and recall the Revival Conference from last year when we broke off in this way, the chills are those goosebumps that spread through your whole body ... the tears are easy and 'natural'.

Hope brother. That you made mention of this ... It is mine as well. Recognize those difficulties of running your own business, the additional burden. Hope though ... You know I read the marriage\date night thread and it was honestly a bit difficult for me. I rejoiced for all that contributed, your wives and love, the shared experiences but I was reading it as one seemingly on the outside only wishing, [i]hoping[/i] that matters might turn around, that some day I might also have something to contribute to it. It has been some very long hard years, trying to be patient, trying to keep hope alive and frankly, more often than not I have leaned toward giving up all hope and trying to resign myself that this just may be how it will be till the Lord takes back that breath He has given.

But then something flickers, just a little, some minor changes - something in spite of myself or even out of my own failings. Hope. Having been dashed so many times by latching on to it, jumping ahead to conclusions only to see them reverse, such is my disdain for wrong headed presumption, projecting off into the future. So it is always somewhat guarded. I guess what I am trying to say without so many details is I do not envy but long for health of the interior sort for my wife and anything beyond that is a bonus. I found out just this week that no matter what happens I can do her no harm, that is in speech or action - To her spirit, come what may.

I apologize for using this as a launch for my situation brother. You have a tremendous family and a wonderful wife and you know, so do I - It's a matter of perspective coupled with new hopes that seem deeper and different, changes even if just ever so subtle ...

Brother, my situation at work has changed as well due to this economy, I will now be balancing two roles, two jobs - My first knee-jerk reaction was on the 'are they insane?' level - Two full time jobs rolled into one. But as this began to progress and more and more were effected and I realized just how blessed I am to [i]have[/i] a job at all my attitude turned 190 and now I can say in all honesty, anything else I can do for you? It is actual now something I am thriving in, a great opportunity and a recognition of their faith in me that I could handle the situation..

Early morning rambling, I know later on I will regret all this loquacity so I might as well go on. There is a lot of cynicism right now, some of it is spread about even in our midst here. I cannot shake this sense that as bad as it is out there that a healthy dose of it is self-fulfilling. Fear. Greed, certainly got us in this bind but there is a lot of overexageration and so much speculation ... Remember $200 oil and $4 gas was here to stay just a couple of months ago, strange how all the rhetoric suddenly dies down when the course proves out otherwise. We do not know what is ahead, my prayers for you brother and your business, you are right, things very well may get far worse but we of all people have a different hope and different resources, different encouragements.

How I needed to hear all of that again because I've lost that focus. I've had my eyes on the here and now, focused on ME providing, and not on God providing.

Same here. Thanks for this Krispy. God bless you bro.

Mike Balog

 2008/12/5 9:44Profile


I apologize for using this as a launch for my situation brother.

Apologize? Are you kidding? Don't apologize! This is what I had hoped would happen with this thread. I want this to be a conversation where we encourage one another. If we have a story of hope to share... share it. If we need hope... receive it. Know what I mean?

Brother, even if your marriage should stay in the state it is in until you are with the Lord... stay faithful. Stay hopeful. If nothing else, your reward from the Lord will be worth it. And really, is there anything else?

As I get older I am discovering just how quickly this life slips by. When I was 20 I felt like I could never die... I felt invincible. Now I'm 41 and I've had two surgeries this year... a shoulder repair and a kidney stone removal. My body is starting to show the mileage I've put on it. (Also feeling my age because I thought the concert was too loud...! lol! This coming from a guy who back in the day went to concerts by AC/DC, Motley Crue and Van Halen!)

Dont feel so invincible anymore. But ya know what? To die is gain! I've lost a number of close Christian friends over the last couple of years, mainly to cancer. Ya know what? None of them would come back here given the choice.

I think we get to heaven we will look back on this life and wonder why in the world we held onto this life like we do.

Nothing can separate us from our Lord.


 2008/12/5 9:57

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Krispy, thanks for sharing your heart with us. It is wonderful to see brothers open up and be real and not keep up the all is okay front. I think we would all do well to have some close brothers to talk with and pray with and to encourage in the scriptures. I especialy like the part where you reminded us about how Jesus is wanting to work and bless within our lives now. Thanks again brother, I will pray for you and the other brothers more frequently and I would like if you would pray for me as well. The temptations are real and the Devil is still walking about seeking whom he may devour.

Alan Taylor

 2008/12/5 10:52Profile


Alan, consider yourself prayed for on a daily basis brother. You're on my list. I appreciate your prayers too.

You're right, all is not always OK with me all the time. I'm usually very optimistic and the "life of the party" kinda personality... but we all struggle. And if I'm showing it, then you know it's a burden on me.

I'm not struggling so much with "oh man, the economy is really hitting me"... I'm struggling with just turning it all over the Lord and obeying scripture by worrying about [b]nothing[/b]. I know I should do that, but it don't come easy.

Lack of faith I think is the proper term. But where do you get the faith? Know what I mean? But last night the words "Nothing can seperate us from His love" really penetrated my heart. No matter what happens to us in this life... soon we'll all be home with the Father and His Son, Jesus.

This life is merely a prelude to the [b]real[/b] life to come. Heaven is [b]NOT[/b] the "after life"... it [b]IS[/b] life! What we're experiencing right now in this world should be termed the "before life"!


 2008/12/5 11:06

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Hi gentlemen,

it was God answering my prayer to reveal Himself to me in a fresh way... God loves us each of us. Nothing can seperate us from His love.

That is so precious.

Robert Murray McCheyene observed that the believer has two kinds of graces: purity and resignation. I think knowing God is the crux of those two graces. It is the revelation of himself to us that enables us to live with living water flowing to those around us who are thirsty and hungry. It isn't the words of a preacher or a prophet, but the spirit of the living God giving us his purity and life in the midst of this world's abominations and sorrows.

How simply kind our Father is. Not as a great anthem of kindness sung by a huge choir to a crowd of people, but as a small voice privately speaking to our smallest and even most embarrassing unspoken frailties. He is as personal and affectionate as any flesh and blood father would be to a son or daughter, as Krispy testifies so effectively in this thread. Our father is not just a deity throwing thunderbolts of war and economic turmoil down on the earth...he is a companion to the poor and disowned. He tabernacles with you and I.

We do not know what is ahead

There is peace in this actually. It means the fears I have are nothing to be bowed to. They are Molech and Baal trying to exact through fear the worship that is due God alone. Their false prophets hiss and threaten what horrible things will happen to us if we don't sacrifice part of our selves on their altar. They don't require we give up worshipping Christ, only that we also pay tribute to them just to cover our bases.

Brother Mike, I will never forget the time we had in Canton. It was too short, but continues to bless me to this day. God's saints are a blessing in times of plenty but even more so in times of want. Your true value continues to emerge daily as a faith that is tried as silver. It is not the blessing of your insights, or your pleasant company alone that I miss...but the personal knowledge I have that you are exactly who you show yourself to be here in the forum. An honest and real Christian man who is a treasure more valuable then a hero--- a friend.

"We have much to make us faint, to make us sigh and cry for the abominations that are done in the midst of us: and mostly all of you have sorrows. Some of you have sorrows you have never breathed beyond your own bosom, even sorrows without a have sorrows because your children care for none of these things, or because those who are dear to you are on beds of sickness...There are many saints who...glorified God more then others by their patient submission"

Robert Murray McCheyne
The Seven Churches of Asia

Blessings gentlemen in Christ,


Mike Compton

 2008/12/5 13:33Profile

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