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 Here is Love

Here is Love
Words: William Rees (1802-1883)

Here is love, vast as the ocean,
Lovingkindness as the flood,
When the Prince of Life, our Ransom,
Shed for us His precious blood.
Who His love will not remember?
Who can cease to sing His praise?
He can never be forgotten,
Throughout Heav’n’s eternal days.

On the mount of crucifixion,
Fountains opened deep and wide;
Through the floodgates of God’s mercy
Flowed a vast and gracious tide.
Grace and love, like mighty rivers,
Poured incessant from above,
And Heav’n’s peace and perfect justice
Kissed a guilty world in love.

Let me all Thy love accepting,
Love Thee, ever all my days;
Let me seek Thy kingdom only
And my life be to Thy praise;
Thou alone shalt be my glory,
Nothing in the world I see.
Thou hast cleansed and sanctified me,
Thou Thyself hast set me free.

In Thy truth Thou dost direct me
By Thy Spirit through Thy Word;
And Thy grace my need is meeting,
As I trust in Thee, my Lord.
Of Thy fullness Thou art pouring
Thy great love and power on me,
Without measure, full and boundless,
Drawing out my heart to Thee.

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 Re: Here is Love

The love song of the Welsh Revival, 1904.
Beautiful Hymn, one of my favourites.

Darren Broadhurst

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Beautiful Hymn, one of my favourites.



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What a great hymn. Thank you Heartsong for turning our attention to it. :)


Mike Compton

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 Re: Here is Love

Here is another song, if I may, I think it makes an excellent compare and contrast to [b]Here is Love[/b].

[b]We Have Not Known Thee as We Ought[/b]
[i]Words: Thom­as B. Pol­lock (1889)[/i]

We have not known Thee as we ought,
Nor learned Thy wisdom, grace and power;
The things of earth have filled our thought,
And trifles of the passing hour.
Lord, give us light Thy truth to see,
And make us wise in knowing Thee.

We have not feared Thee as we ought,
Nor bowed beneath Thine awful eye,
Nor guarded deed and word and thought,
Remembering that God was nigh.
Lord, give us faith to know Thee near,
And grant the grace of holy fear.

We have not loved Thee as we ought,
Nor cared that we are loved by Thee;
Thy presence we have coldly sought,
And feebly longed Thy face to see.
Lord, give a pure and loving heart
To feel and know the love Thou art.

We have not served Thee as we ought,
Alas, the duties left undone,
The work with little fervor wrought,
The battles lost or scarcely won!
Lord, give the zeal, and give the might,
For Thee to toil, for Thee to fight.

When shall we know Thee as we ought,
And fear and love and serve aright?
When shall we, out of trial brought,
Be perfect in the land of light?
Lord, may we day by day prepare
To see Thy face and serve Thee there.


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Amen to those! Bring on the songwriters who walk close to God!

This one below has been the catalyst for several close moments with my Saviour. God Bless

Precious Jesus, O to love thee!
O to know that thou art mine!
Jesus, all my heart I give thee
If thou wilt but make it thine.
Glory, glory, Jesus saves me,
Glory, glory to the Lamb!
O the cleansing blood has reached me,
Glory, glory to the Lamb!

Take my warmest, best affection,
Take my memory, mind and will;
Then with all thy loving Spirit
All my emptied nature fill.

Bold I touch thy sacred garment,
Fearless stretch my eager hand;
Virtue, like a healing fountain,
Freely flows at love's command.

O how precious, dear Redeemer,
Is the love that fills my soul!
It is done, the word is spoken:
Be thou every whit made whole.

Lo, a new creation dawning!
Lo, I rise to life divine!
In my soul an Easter morning;
I am Christ's and Christ is mine.
[i]Salvation Army Song Book No. 520[/i]

Jamie Adam

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 Re: Here is Love

This was the Banner of the Welsh revival. I, also treasure the lyrics. As the Psalms, it is WORD driven, rather than melodic, or beat driven. It is divinely anointed, and one of my favorites. I, too, have recorded it. Thank you for this post.

 2008/12/11 10:00

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 Re: Before the Cross

I love this song by Sovereign Grace Music

Verse 1
My Savior’s sacrifice paid for all my sin
So in my suffering I look to the cross again
No need, no want, no trial, no pain
Can compare to this
The wrath of God, once meant for me
Was all spent on Him

Before the Cross, I humbly bow
I place my trust in the Savior
Your finished work captures my gaze
You bore the wrath, I know the grace

Verse 2
In my darkest hour, Your presence is my peace
In my days of joy, Your grace carries me
Jesus, my Great High Priest
The One who pleads for me
My heart is filled with faith in You
Here at Calvary on my knees


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