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 Houses of Worship Burned, Over 300 Killed in Nigeria

[b]Houses of Worship Burned, Over 300 Killed in Nigeria[/b]

More than 300 people have died in Muslim-Christian clashes in the worst sectarian violence in Nigeria since 2004, when some 700 people were killed.

Angry mobs burned homes, churches and mosques on Saturday in the central state of Plateau in the second day of riots, according to The Associated Press. Though initially a clash between supporters of the region’s two main political parties following the election, the violence was soon divided along ethnic and religious lines.

Tension began when electoral workers did not post the results in ballot centers, causing many locals to assume the election was going to be another fraudulent political event. ...

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 Re: Houses of Worship Burned, Over 300 Killed in Nigeria

Have read about this and it is yet another tragedy being displayed in this world, along with India and Indonesia.

There is no trust left in people who don't know God. If they cannot trust each other, they certainly cannot trust God.

The word of God tells us that if in this life only we had hope we would be most miserable.

They need the hope of Jesus Christ in their lives. It is obvious that it is missing.

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 Praying for the persecuted Saints

Dear Enid,

The hopeless ones are the ones who are doing the evil. I trust God is comforting the murdered Saints.

When I read of this I think of the Saints, it is good for me to see it from the perspective you offer, so I may feel pity on those without Jesus. I must admit, I have a most difficult time with that.

His will be done,
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 Re: Praying for the persecuted Saints

I think you misunderstand what I mean.

I meant, their hope is in corrupt government. If the only hope people have in this world consists of the 5 senses, then what hope do they have?

I really hate hearing about Christians getting attacked for their faith, being murdered because they have the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

Sadly, persecution and sometimes martyrdom goes with being a Christian.

As for the perpetrators, the murderers, what they sow they will reap.

It tells us in the Psalms, that precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

That's precious.

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