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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Do you think that God will use media for the Gospel?

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 Do you think that God will use media for the Gospel?

What I mean is will God mainly use it emphatically? I think of Paul traveling and preaching and just one man spreading his message in power and it forcefully took the world by storm with spiritual weapons. He was carrying about in his body the dying of the Lord Jesus and was pressed and perplexed and yet risen in power. It was this pressure that brought death that brought life. So I wonder will internet, tv, audio, video/movies, articles, and so forth be mainly used for the Gospel? Or will it just be men in person by the power of the Holy Spirit with accompanying angles witnessing with their faces shining like angels with a voice in the wilderness? But then again these anointed men can be heard on TV but is it the same if its not in person. I mean Peter went to Cornelius and the Spirit fell or he would touch someone and power would go out from him. What do you think? I would like some more clarity through discussion.

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 Re: Do you think that God will use media for the Gospel?

Hello Davidt,

My feelings are that Christianity is more like a contagious disease - it is spread by physical contact. By seeing Christ in someone by the way they live their life. If I see a person on TV I only see what they want me to see. I do not trust anything I see in movie/media/TV.

Consider how difficult it is for us to talk over the computer. Unless we have the writing gift of the Apostle Paul or Matthew Henry and the recipient has the understanding to comprehend what we write - the message gets confused and misdirected.

So, my answer to your question is a big, 'No.' Of course, I am sure others opinions will vary.

white stone

P.S. Why do you ask? Are you planning a project?


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Thanks for the comment Whitestone,

P.S. Why do you ask? Are you planning a project?

It is just a general question for my general understanding which will in turn apply to me generally. Also there are just a lot of ministries that are media focused now a days. I mean you can reach millions of people just by broadcasting a tv signal over a country. Or some are infiltrating Hollywood with films. And so it is kind of a contemporary question I have as well. I am wondering what the Lord is going to do. Is He going to bring revival to the world through internet, movies, and tv? Or will it be through the individual temples walking the earth in jars of clay? Or will it be both?

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