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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Is this statement True or False and why?

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 Re: Is this statement True or False and why?

repentcanada wrote:
GOD doesn't change HIS mind because HE already knows the future.

See it this way for example:
My child is acting up, she wants to go to a friends house.
Because she is acting up, I tell her that she will not be able to go because of her attitude.
I tell her that so she will repent which I know she will do, & I know that I will change my mind when she does.

She does repent knowing her actions were wrong, as she still thinks she can not go to her friends house.
I change my mind because she truly repented, but I wouldn't if she did not repent.
I always knew that I would change my mind when she repents all along, however, I surly wouldn't if she never did.

So it is with God. Exodus 32:When Moses prayed, he changed God's mind, all the while God knew He would change His mind; God would have done what He said He would do if Moses never had prayed; but God knew Moses would pray.
The knowledge of another's choice does not take the options away from the one choosing, nor does it stop the freedom to choose. God is not the One who determines a man's choices just because He knows them.

Prayer doesn't change things, prayer changes people

What is the point of supplication & request?
Do you think you will get what you would be asking for if you never asked?
(James 1:5-6, 4:2-3)
If not, then prayer does change things

If it changed 'things' it would be changing GOD who knows all things. We don't change GOD, HE changes us!

How do you figure God changes?
When the Scriptures say that God never changes, it means that His character never changes.
Sure, we change in character, but God changes things & events. When God changes things & events, he is not changinge in His character.

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Logic, I really like the way you write things, it is very easy to understand, well it is for Mr. Bill.


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Paul West wrote;

"The apostles did not pen the Apostles' Creed."

But to be sure they were written by "apostles" of some sort,(paul,an apostle was not part of the original 12)

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