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Independence, Missouri

 An OUTPOURING In Greenock and the Beginnings of Renewal

I just arrived home late last night from about 26 hours of travel from Greenock to London and then to Kansas City. I come away with an awesome and lasting sense of God's presence.

The prayer meetings that I attended were God empowered in a way I have not seen in many years. God came down. Bro. Denny preached a powerful word and God did a work.

Weds was another powerful day in which God began to set in order things that are lacking in many churchs. I really felt I had heard God again in the messages. I cannot overstate the wonder and amazement I came away with. The worship service carried on past Carter Conlon's message and God was breaking through layers of hardness uncovering things unseen and unrecognized. His message was a prophetic word like few others. God does not come down to authenticate US or our idea of revival so we can say we were right- He authenticates HIMSELF. It was truly awesome!

So powerful was the sense of God's HOLY presence that Carter danced before the LORD in spite of and at the risk of criticism. I saw his face shine with the glory of GOD from directly in front of him. I shall never forget that. Such power and glory that men take off their mask and become vulnerable in His presence! It was as if the ARK of God was coming back into the camp. We were a hairs breadth from revival. To GOD be the Glory forever.

Thursday was another day of wonder. Caught up still in the awesomeness of God, we came into a time of confession of SIN. Having felt God dealing with me since I arrived in the UK and especially the night before during the worship service, I testified and confessed my SIN also. Others went before and some behind, but God moved powerfully again. Such a sense of His love and goodness leading us to Repentance. We were reminded in the panel that God never duplicates revivals. He is not at a loss for a means to reach a rebellious or backslidden people.

I felt such a sense of His Holy Presence, that only the hardest among men could have not responded. God was teaching us how to get out of His way and remove our hands from the Ark of God. It was His working and it is marvelous in our eyes! OH that men could see and understand. God was doing more in minutes that ministers could do in a lifetime. I learned that God don't need men to move. He could just show up as the Saints pray and say yes to Him! TO break out spontaneously in song and weep for their sins in the light of His goodness!

Truly I felt God. Not in the way that Finney describes as falling as if he had a sword in each hand, but a heart touching probe of our inner being that brings to light the hidden counsels of the heart- but loves us enough to draw us anyhow. Not in tyranny and fear and trepidation, but in light of a God breathed revelation of His goodness that sobers the mind and thrills the heart. I follow after this God! I can give myself afresh to Him. I can live by the word of His mouth and respond to what He is saying TODAY. I can look forward to a new day of revival where God is ENOUGH and men's devices and schemes fail miserably in meeting the needs of this hour.

No, this renewal was not about men- it was in [i]spite[/i] of men. With all of our failing and temptations to take hold of the Holy, He blessed us with a most wonderful outpouring and I am a better man today because of it. Let God be true and every man a liar- may we bow ourselves before Him and shed the costume of pretense. The Lord searches the hearts- what fear have we of the opinions of men? For now, its just me and God.

Robert Wurtz II

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 Re: An OUTPOURING In Greenock and the Beginnings of Renewal


Thank you brother for that encouraging report of the meetings in Scotland. It certainly does appear that God met you all in a very real way. This testimony is a breath of fresh air to fan the flames in all of those that are hungering for another God sent revival.



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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: An OUTPOURING In Greenock and the Beginnings of Renewal

Thank you for the update on the conference Robert. Praise God for what He is doing in our day!

Carter Conlon preached an incredible message today and He mentions the conference and how God moved him there. This message is a great wake up call, please listen church of God...[url=]Shall the Dust Praise Thee?[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2008/11/30 18:28Profile

 Re: An OUTPOURING In Greenock and the Beginnings of Renewal

Dear brother Robert

I am still in Greenock as I write this. I leave on Tuesday. It is hard for me to add to what you wrote, I totally agree. Let me just add this though. As I prayed about leading the prayer sessions each evening, I asked the Lord to give me clarity of direction. I already knew in my spirit that this whole thing was a battle. We were being called together to put our differences aside, under a banner of truth, and to approach the stonghold city as a mighty army, marching on our knees. We reached the strong wall of the stronghold on the first day. It was assaulted by prayer. By the end of the day, a hole was made in the wall, a breach. The second day, Wednesday, we were to rush the hole and invade the stronghold with loud shouts. And the third day were to take the city and bind the strongman. I believe all of that was achieved. My friend Fraser, the local Pastor, drove Carter to the airport and Carter told him that he was so touched at the meeting by God for this area that in the springtime he planned to take a whole team from Time Square church and have a week long evangelistic outreach in the area, based in the Greenock town hall. This is the work brother, we came, in the name of the Lord and did battle and have cleared the way for the good brother to come and sweep many into the Kingdom........praise the Lord. I too am changed brother, I will never be the Frank

 2008/11/30 19:00

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Brother Frank, I am blessed to hear your report! I thank God that the breakthrough came. It is encouraging to all of us who have hungered for true revival and for repentance to come to God's people. i only wish I could have been ther. thanks for sharing such an encouragement.

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Joined: 2004/2/12
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Independence, Missouri


Carter Conlon preached an incredible message today and He mentions the conference and how God moved him there.

Thanks Ron for sharing that. There is a shout of victory in the camp! That is the same kind of unction he was operating in at Greenock. God caused a shout to go up Wednesday night and it is still going up!

[color=000066]Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. (Psalm 68:1)[/color]

While for so long many have looked for God to cock his bow and whet His sword upon His own sons and daughters, He has loosed their bands and smitten their captors! He has chastened them with the rod of the revelation of His grace and bound up their wounds with mercy and restoration.

[color=000066] Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him. (Proverbs 24:17,18)[/color]

They that looked on to see the Father smite His sons were struck down with disappointment as He bound them up with a song of praise on their lips. Yea, He met them in the way as they came to themselves and stumbled towards home. Oh how the devil wanted to revel in seeing Him thrashing them with rods and smiting them with sorrows! Alas! He covered them with His robe and anointed their heads with the oil of gladness.

Robert Wurtz II

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Greenrock

Am looking forward to hearing all that took place over those days.

I must admit that as it wound down, saw the live conference link come off the main page and the seeming ensuing silence ... well, it had me wondering.

Wish I could have made it yet am even more encouraged to hear these reports coming in. Good to hear that Dom and Frank and so many others were able to attend ...

This is all very, very encouraging.

The pictures as well!

[url=]a few pictures from Scotland[/url]

Mike Balog

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So wonderful to hear a true praise report, So overjoyed for you all that heard such wonderful things in the spirit.

Praise God, for He is not dead, but He is Alive!

Hallelujah to the name of Yeshua

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Amen. I didn't get to watch any of it, but I'm rejoicing with you. It's great to hear how God is moving.

Josh Parsley

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I also am encouraged by these reports. So long have prayers for revival and awakening been poured out to Heaven and a loving God. And He has been faithful, yet again proving He is worthy of more praise than we give Him.

But I caution you all brethren, Our war is not won until God finishes the work. Let us press on in prayer, supplications, and intercessions. We've had a victory, God has blessed us with that. But Christ has not yet returned, and our battle continues. There are more stongholds to breach, more spiritual high places than need to have the banner of our adversary cast down and the banner of Christ raised high. Celebrate, Yes. Praise God for His victory, YES! And march on, as the brother put it, on our knees.

God continue His work, Christ be glorified, Amen.


Jason Smith

 2008/11/30 23:35Profile

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