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 slain in the Spirit

This seems to me like an unbiblical term, and hence caution is advised.

For the only Biblical account related were Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5

Llewellyn van der Merwe

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 Re: Slain in the Spirit

It seems to me to be a slang and almost irreverent term for the reaction that some have when the power of the Holy Spirit falls.

There are all kinds of views on whether its real or not. Some say its lack of self control but you know, when you hand over yourself to God to with as He wants its His will not yours that will be done. So I'm never surprised at the outcome!

There are those that argue about whether it happened in the Bible or not and those that say if it didn't happen in the Bible (according to our interpretation and translation) that it can't happen!

Whatever the truth of these arguments, I do know this. If I pursue a closer walk with God and during that I fall under the power of the Holy Spirit and fall on my face or into a trance as some say, maybe I will have been deceived maybe not. When I have to answer before God for my actions, it is He who has the grace to forgive and overlook the deceipt because He knows.

As for me - I will seek Him rather than blindly follow 'human truth'.

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Central Alberta, Canada

 Re: Slain in the Spirit


KrispyKrittr wrote:
This has not been discussed in some time, and I was wondering what y'alls take is on the idea of being "slain in the Spirit".


I can relate this my own experience; I can see how this can come about. How mine happened:

From time to time satan buffets and taunts me. There was a time when satan was bothering me about the authority of the Bible as the word of God and he challenged me. The buffeting began when he challenged me regarding the Holy Bible when he made a comment about Islam's Qur'an/Koran.

He said what do you have more than the Muslim? You say you have the Truth, but so do they, and how do you know you are right and they are wrong? What right do you have to say that you have the truth more then they do?

This really bothered me, so I went before the Lord. I knew that Islam did not believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and they don't believe that Jesus died for the forgiveness of sins. So this really bothered me. What right did I have to say I had the truth more then the is just a matter of faith after all?

I went out to pray before the Lord, as my faith was brought into question. I needed an answer as to why I had the right to say I had the truth more then they did.

As I considered this in my prayers, I remembered the Holy Spirit, how at times He fell on me and bore me witness that I was a son of God.

Well anyway, I prayed before the Lord:

Lord Jesus, I thank you that your Holy Spirit bears witness to the bible that it is the truth. I must have prayed this intently before the Lord for over a half a hour.

After I finished up my prayer I walked home from my praying. I decided to keep praying as I walked, and I prayed this prayer over again...Lord Jesus, I thank you that Your Holy Spirit bears witness to the Bible that it is the truth...

All at once, Like a mighty bolt of lighting it came...the most powerful witness of the Holy Spirit that I have ever had. The power of God fell upon me in such a way that I was barely able to stand on my feet.

The Shekinah Glory of God fell upon me that night and nearly knocked me off my feet. The Lord allowed me to stand up under it; I was barely able to contain it. Had the witness been any more powerful then it was, I would have been knocked out by it.

The presence of God's Holy Spirit is awesome! I describe His witness as follows: Power, Power, Power, A sweet fragrance like that of sweet spice or flowers, accompanied by joy unspeakable and full of glory, accompanied by great peace that floods my soul, a great calm, a sense of acceptance. I could feel His Love as a presence, like a bright light shining on me.

The experience on my senses that the Holy Spirit brings are incredible...God encountered me that night in prayer, and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced! AWESOME!!


 2009/3/23 15:42Profile

 Re: Slain in the Spirit

Good apples and oranges.

The only time anyone "fell backward" in the Word was when they were not right with GOD.

All else fell on their face out of reverence and Holy fear.

A Christian couple and their son were in Salt Lake City and thought they'd take a look at LDS temple - but when walking up that sidewalk to it - their son was "slain in a spirit"

Scarey story - but just goes to show ya.

One thing Watchman Nee did teach was, it is always better to err on the side of being over-cautious.
That HE will Always give you enough time to "Test All Things."

Being born-again and pentecostal - so grateful HE made Nee so available when first coming into the Church. "Latent Power of the Soul" - "Spiritual Reality or Obsession" - "The Spiritual Man", etc. etc..

 2009/3/23 17:23

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 Re: Slain in the Spirit


KrispyKrittr wrote:
This has not been discussed in some time, and I was wondering what y'alls take is on the idea of being "slain in the Spirit".


There are those who when they go out in a prayer line that fall backwards and fall to the ground.

There are preachers who will push you back as well.

But there are true manifestations of the Holy Spirit where people are knocked down and are slain. I have experienced it myself, the story goes like this.

After preaching the preacher asked is there anyone here not walking a righteous life put up your hand myself and some others put up our hands. He then asked us to stand up so he could pray for us.

I stood up as well as the others and he began to pray, then suddenly I was knocked down. What I felt was a force hitting me square in the chest. It was not painful but it knocked me down onto my seat. The man next to me help me get back up but I was shaking.

The pastor, the preacher and elders where soon around me and praying. It was all a blur from there on, but I do remeember the Pastor saying thats it it's coming out. At that point the taste in my mouth was like a year of morning bad breaths rapped into one brief moment.

I was set free, the violence that once haunted my life was gone.

Well thats my 2pence worth make of it what you will.

Colin Murray

 2009/3/23 17:40Profile

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West Sussex, England


KrispyKritter wrote:

So what are we to make of folks who seemingly walk with the Lord, are believers in the Word of God... and yet participate in this?

I have not read the whole thread but I can answer this. As a fairly new Christian born again late in life, I fell right into this. The church I attended brought this in through a travelling ministry. One day in the church, I was zapped with no human hand on me, and fell on the floor in continuous laughter. Other manifestations followed as this spirit took a hold of the church.

The Good News is the Lord brought me out of it.

I was warned against it but did not listen as my life and person was so changed after being born again. If a person's heart is very serious for God, the Holy Spirit will bring them out of it. Pray for those who are caught up in it and be patient. The Holy Spirit can do what man cannot.

The posting earlier on the Kundalini spirit is a very accurate record of what this is all about.

God Bless


 2009/3/23 17:55Profile

 Re: Slain in the Spirit

The Series on this page below entitled [b]"Strange Fire: The Rise Of Gnosticism In The Church"[/b] written by Travers and Jewel van der Merwe is very good - written by AoG folks, from that pentecostal background. Their website [] is presently down for fixin' up but their blog is operational and excellent. [ ].

Their 'Strange Fire' Series is on this list -

Editing: the link is not opening to 'this section' - [b] APOSTASY AND MISCELLANEOUS FILES: [/b] - where the articles are found --- just scroll down to that header. Sorry.

 2009/3/23 18:46

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Locport, Illinois


The church i went to when they were slain in the spirit, they were running in place and in circles and almost convulsing. They was an errie feeling that night before i got that and i was unsure if this was good or bad. I became fearful and when i was their i was very fearful, i prayed to jesus and he gave me peace, but what i got from my own discernment is that their was no control, no focus enogh on gods word h, holiness, repentance etc. The people were nice but i am telling you it might have not been from God, but i truly don't know. Remember it is the holy lifestyle that is more precious to God.

John Beechy

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do you know that you can position yourself in Christ to have this constantly day by day. a Tangible power and unction all over you body and flowing throughout all your . you can stir the gift of the Holy Ghost up and be consumed of God , in a tangible way, all the day long being filled with Him to overflowing in reality .. It is the Fathers good pleasure to give you this .. God bless you ," only believe " it is for you . to minister the ministration of the Holy Spirit to a lost and dying world you live in is to know the filling you exsperienced is to be upon you all the time ...Only Believe it and it and the Holy Spirit will lead you to this reality in Christ.

Clint Demoret

 2009/3/23 19:51Profile


I truly believe that with child-like dependence on GOD to give us the words, thoughts and actions, that "greater works than these shall you do." - but to seek to "tangibly feel" HIS Presence is a snare.

Watchman Nee and Jessie Penn-Lewis and others acquainted with the manifestations of The Spirit and counterfeit spirits would say the same.

We "walk by faith" alone - even if we feel Nothing.

Bodily sensations should not be sought or confused as being from GOD.

This is the generation that "seeketh a sign" and many young in Christ are being led away by flesh and counterfeit phenomena by unchecked terminology regarding experiencing GOD's Presence with us.

We can seek to the re-filling of His Spirit - the times of refreshing as well, but our desire should be based upon getting a deeper knowledge of The Holy One and the Holy.

Seeking HIM for Himself and leaving self out of it - HE rewards. To seek the good of others before anything else causes HIM to pour out without measure - but never when we seek it for tangibles for ourselves. That's where/when most counterfeit spirits or vain imaginings manifest most - when we're seeking to "feel something" for ourselves.

Jesus was our day to day example of looking up to The Father for His words and deeds - ie, healing others, etc..

"If it be Thy will" and not as we see in these days, where many feel that they can command the Spirit to use them in any given gift of the Spirit, just because they want to be used right then in that way.

Abiding in HIM is nothing more than, leaning not to our own understanding and in all our ways, Acknowledging HIM, so HE will direct our paths and not body sensations.

Faith in His Presence, is not based upon our emotions or tangible "feelings".
The most amazing stories come from those who felt as if GOD had abandoned them.
"When I am weak - then HE is made strong." Paul said of his affliction/thorn, and with that - persecutions.

 2009/3/23 21:27

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