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 this website

To moderators (if you have time) or anyone in general:

I am grateful to be able to come to this sight and participate in the forums. I am concerned about all the arguing going on here. I haven't gone through and read every post but I hope you will discuss this with me. It seems that there is a lot of disagreement going on here. That is sad. This happens usually because of false preachers as everyone probably is aware. Also I'm under the impression that most people who grow up "christian" are instructed by erring shepherd who in most cases have not actually been ordained by God. If you're getting defensive take a look at yourself but I think most people here will agree with that. So even if people are no longer under the leadership of false shepherds but are truly wanting to follow Jesus they could still have misunderstandings because of our weak flesh. So I see two possibilities: misunderstandings among believers which must be reconciled at once, or liars who are here to argue and cause trouble or whatever ungodly reasons.

I urge everyone here if there is a chance that a disagreement is a misunderstanding then seek the proper understanding! Ask for help if it's too deep for you. If you have no idea where the other person is coming from and are being tempted to think they are of satan or something then find out the truth but don't judge them beforehand. Ask questions to get a better understanding of what they are saying. Remember be slow to speak, quick to listen. Obviously all we do on here is speak in one sense because you're invisible unless you're typing something! So I don't mean stop typing but in your heart follow that rule from James, quick to listen. Is there some way to assist those who find themselves in misunderstanding so that they can be helped and encouraged to come to find agreement sooner? That way when someone goes skimming through a random post it might not ALL be back and forth going in circles. Not that all of it is but enough where I see some EVERY time I come here. Some of it has very likely been from me in the past too so I apologize for that.

Outright liars are a different matter and hopefully not but sadly it is likely the case that many disagreements and contentions are caused by stubborn unbelieving men or even women.

The important thing I wanted to say about these heretics is that once you are SURE that they are preaching lies - and i mean you already were quick to listen and slow to speak, not just jumping on their terminology, but actually understanding their message and their false foundations (esteem of men, partiality, covetousness, atheism, denial of Christ, etc.) - once you are SURE then I believe the scripture allows a first and/or second admonition and not a word more. It is not allowed to go back and forth with a heretic indefinitely. When I say admonition I mean thorough, accurate, and hitting the nail on the head so to speak. If you don't understand how someone has erred then how can you accurately admonish them? I've messed up that one before and it is regrettable and embarrassing. Pride goes before a fall.

It seems that going beyond this rule of a first and second admonition will only create chaos and invite the liar, heretic, etc. to continue spewing leaven all over the place. Also when other people come here and all they see is argument and people saying some pretty crazy things back and forth for pages and pages they are going to think that's what this place is all about. A lot of people think that that's what christianity is all about because the walls are broken down and the heretics are tolerated (in debate, I'm not advocating violence toward heretics which God forbid).

I hope this will be considered. I imagine it has been to some extant. I mean no disrespect to you who maintain this site and am grateful that you do. I would be encouraged to hear from anyone else on this also because I think it should be addressed, not only on this site but among christian discussion in general.

Thank you for your consideration and peace!
Benjamin Joseph Stenson (or Ben, Benjamin, even Benji if you want)

 2008/11/14 16:27

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 Re: this website


Thankyou for your wisdom here. I was actually praying about whether or not to reply again to a certain forum topic, but thanks be to God I know now there is no need to.

Only by pride comes contention and I wish not to be a partaker of arguing.

Yes, sometimes I question why certain discussions are allowed here. I fret when I know unlearned souls might pick up unsound doctrine simply because one sinner can destroy much good. I will submit and hold my piece though. It is not my business and I am well fed by the many rich gourmet meals here.

I am grateful that your post was presented with great humility and meekness. May the Lord reward you for your efforts to encourage peace here.

And, oh yes brother, I'm just above you in the forgotten state of Maine. :-)

God Bless, Kathleen


 2008/11/14 17:36Profile

Joined: 2006/9/13
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 Re: this website

The Revival Conference is in less than two weeks. It would seem that Satan would have us all running about chasing our tails instead of having us focus on the work that the Lord has put before us.

Thank you for the reminder.

 2008/11/14 17:44Profile

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